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He Was Shocked To Discover That The Debris On The Side Of The Road Was Alive!

The East coast has been pounded with an unusually high number of Nor’easters this winter, with high winds and large snowfalls battering much of the coastline. While it’s an inconvenience to those who are trying to go about their normal day-to-day routine, it can be downright dangerous for wildlife.

Lost And Alone

On Monday morning following a storm, a passerby in Seabrook, New Hampshire, noticed what he initially thought was debris at the side of the road. When he got a bit closer, he was shocked to discover that it was actually a young seal that was exhausted from being battered in the weekend’s storm. Concerned for the seal’s safety, the person called for help.


In Desperate Need

The Seacoast Science Center Marine Mammal Rescue Team responded to the call for help and saw that it was obvious the 2-month-old gray seal pup was in desperate need of care. He was thin, very lethargic, coughing, and sneezing, but the biggest indication that the seal was sick was the fact that he wasn’t at all aggressive like a seal pup should be.



With another storm scheduled to come in on Wednesday, the rescuers knew that there was no time to lose. They got him into a kennel and transported him to the National Marine Life Center in Massachusetts. They determined that the seal pup, now named Saco, was bleeding internally from being tossed about in the storm, and was dehydrated and undernourished.


In With The Tide

“He must have been stuck in the waves and washed ashore,” Kathy Zagzebski, the center’s executive director told reporters. Saco more than likely came up with the extremely high flood tide. “He’s still pretty stressed out. He spends a lot of the time sleeping. He’s still exhausted from his ordeal in the storm,” she said.


Fighting Spirit

Saco is a fighter though. His rescuers said that he’s recovering slowly but surely, and has made great strides to recover from his ordeal. He’s learning how to feed himself, and he gains a little more strength and energy each day. His rescuers are confident that with the right amount of care he’ll be able to soon return to the wild.


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