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Dentist Spends Off-Hours Giving Out Blankets To Keep Stray Animals Warm During The Winter

Whether it’s growing a thick coat of fur or going into hibernation, animals can usually deal with frigid temperatures. In unusual situations, animals suffer in the winter. Domesticated pets who have been lost do not always know how to stay warm. Huseyin Yurtseven, a dentist in Istanbul, noticed animals around him were suffering, and he decided to do something about it.

One Animal At A Time

The polar vortex may be responsible for the cold weather in America, but it has been an unusually cold winter all over the world. That’s why the dentist from Turkey was so moved when he noticed a dog trying to survive on the streets in the cold. To ease the pain, he found a warm blanket and placed it over the dog. 

Yurtseven didn’t stop there! He realized that dog was just one of the thousands of animals that needed his help. He started to carry blankets with him every day. As the temperature dropped every evening, he walked around town looking for shivering animals to give a blanket to. Although he tried very hard, he realized that he could only reach so many animals on his own.

Yurtseven Gets More Help

Yurtseven started promoting his idea to other local business owners. Many people were glad to help him out. Some of the business owners allowed him to place blankets for stray pets in their stores, and they told their customers about the idea.

Yurtseven had his contact information sewn into all of the blankets. If a blanket is dirty, anyone who finds it can call him to have it cleaned. Since so many people around Istanbul want to help distribute blankets, Yurtseven is working on making blanket baskets in heavy traffic areas around the city.

The Effort Grows Even Larger

Life is hard all year round for an animal with no home. Istanbul gets hot and humid during the balmy summer months. To keep the strays comfortable, Yurtseven and his helpers are already planning to place water bowls for stray animals around the city.

Yurtseven may be a dentist by day, but he is a hero by night. His example proves that any one of us can make a difference.

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