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This Dentist’s Epic Dance Video To Drake’s Latest Hit Has Everyone Wanting Cavities

In case you have been living under a rock for the past few weeks, everyone has been participating in Drake’s “In My Feelings” social media challenge. Many people jump out of their cars and dance in the streets, but others keep it simple by recording a video of themselves dancing to the rapper’s current hit.

This dentist’s video, however, is one of the best. Watch the video below!

“In My Fillings”

Dr. Rich Constantine of Constantine Dental in Greenville, South Carolina, saw everyone else participating in Drake’s “In My Feelings” social media challenge. He knew he couldn’t miss out on the fun! He decided to record a video of himself dancing to the song inside his dental clinic.

The Sun

What makes it even better is that he called his challenge “In My Fillings” inside of “In My Feelings.” Isn’t that perfect?

Sharing It With Thousands

Constantine’s dance video quickly spread on social media, reaching thousands of users. The majority of these users were women who excitedly shared that they wanted to get cavities, so Constantine could be their dentist.

Greenville News

Keep dreaming, ladies! Constantine is happily married and recently celebrated his 13th wedding anniversary with his wife. His wife is happy other people are finally getting to see Constantine’s true personality— the way she sees him every day.

More And More Shares

It’s been a few weeks since Constantine shared his dancing challenge on Facebook and it’s still a popular video. As of right now, 44 million people have viewed the video. Constantine couldn’t believe people loved the video so much, but he hasn’t been complaining.

Greenville News

“Until the other day, I was just known for some wedding dancing and some dance battles with my wife Trish at home in the living room,” he said. “This is all to make people realize that going to the dentist can be fun and that we’re just here to make you smile.”

Keep the dancing coming, Dr. Constantine! We’ll be watching.

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