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Detroit Businessman Rescues Senior Woman From Homelessness

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An elderly Michigan woman was in tears at the Wayne County Treasurer’s Office. Her home was under foreclosure, and she was unable to repay her back taxes. Angels in disguise do exist. Her story so moved a Detroit businessman, he paid her bills. Thanks to the generosity of a stranger, the aged, wheelchair-bound woman avoided homelessness and found hope.

Life On The Line

Maintaining mortgage payments to keep your home can be tough. When adults are in their twilight years, family and friends may not be nearby to help. When debt begins to mount, it is incredibly easy for a homeowner to lose the rights to their property. One wheelchair-bound senior was suffering because she couldn’t pay $5,000 in back taxes owed. If she were unable to foot the hefty bill, she would be left to fend for herself on the streets of Detroit.

Mrs. Jackson was in the Wayne County Treasurer’s Office when she was delivered the unfortunate news. A teller informed the older woman that her house was foreclosed and soon to be auctioned. There was nothing that she could do to pay her debt. When Mrs. Jackson began to cry, someone waiting in line was watching. A stranger was about to do something unheard of to change Mrs. Jackson’s life.

Moved To Tears

Michael Evans was a successful businessman. He happened to be in line at the Wayne Country Treasurer’s Office when Mrs. Jackson began to cry over losing her home. The cashier serving Mrs. Jackson was even crying over the woman’s situation. It seemed like there was nothing that could be done, except for Mrs. Jackson to prepare for the worst. Evans was waiting in line to pay taxes on a recently acquired property. After he paid his bill, Michael was ready to open his heart and wallet for one more property.

Without any hesitation, Michael Evans paid Mrs. Jackson’s $5,000 debt. Evans explained his actions, “…I couldn’t picture this lady losing her house.” Evans had lost his father a few months back, and he felt that he had to do something. The self-lessness that Evans displayed for a stranger was emotionally touching and inspiring. Even Eric Sabree, Wayne County Treasurer found the event to be “very unusual.” Evans thought that the whole thing was unbelievable, that a vulnerable, older woman was going to lose her home if left unaided. He knew he could do something to make things right and did.

Restoring Faith

The late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. put it best, “Everybody can be great… because anybody can serve.” When one of us can soothe someone’s pain and can do something to improve the lives of others, we should. It is in giving of ourselves that we enrich our communities and make a better world. Housing in America has been in crisis mode throughout the nation. Seniors can be especially vulnerable to losing their home to foreclosure and become destitute. Instead of being heartless, Michael Evans answered the call to be of service to others and do what he could to help.

Eric Sabree commented on Evan’s actions, “It really just shows that there people out there who really care.” Despite fear surrounding people falling behind on their bills, or losing their homes because of foreclosure, there are stories with a happy ending. Sabree responded, “…there’s still a lot of love in the hearts of our people…” It was an odd moment that someone in need was connected to someone who could help. Maybe angels do exist?

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