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‘Devil Lips’: Cosmetic Surgery’s Scary New Trend

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Health experts are worried about a bizarre new cosmetic trend called “devil lips.” Women are having cosmetic fillers injected into their lips, giving them freakish-looking wavy edges that can include devil horns. Some women have even opted for harsh, long tentacle-like edges known as “octopus lips.”

A Russian Instagram Influencer And Reality Star Spread The Devil Lips Trend

The freakish fad seemed to catch on after Russian Instagram influencer Alisa Litinskaya, who goes by the pseudonym “Alisa Megastar,” posted a photo of herself on December 8, 2019, and proclaimed to her 103,800 followers “I did it! Now I have devil lips, too. Do you like this new fashion?” Litinskaya’s post received close to 5,000 likes and nearly 2,000 comments ranging from “beautiful” to “Halloween is over.” Several other social media influencers and Russian reality show star Maria Kokhno have also posted photos of themselves after the procedure.

Who is Emilian Braude?

According to the Russian new website Spletnik, “devil lips” were created by self-proclaimed cosmetologist Emilian Braude, however, no one knows for sure if that’s even his real name. It’s reported that he previously worked as a courier who delivered cosmetic fillers to beauty salons around Moscow. Braude has admitted to Russian journalists that he has no medical training, and described himself as “an honest expert in injection methods.”

Realizing the better money was in training, Braude has been taking his show on the road. Spletnik alleged that since December 2017, Braude has offered cosmetic filler training sessions to more than 1,500 cosmetologists in Russia and neighboring countries, making about $16,000 per workshop, which he’s called “secret congresses.” He also offers “master classes.”

The cost for one of Braude’s “master classes” runs 15,000 rubles, or $235 per person for a five-day training, each attracting about 60 attendees. It’s a hefty sum in Russia, where the average monthly salary is less than $550. He’s been known to target struggling cosmetologists hoping to bring in extra money by expanding their services to include cosmetic filler injections and other plastic surgery procedures.

Devil Lips, Hellish Hygiene

Braude doesn’t believe in using gloves and has preferred wearing a jacket to surgery instead of a surgical gown, cap, and mask and his workshops usually take place in basements or rooms described as run-down rooms and basements.

Plastic surgeons across Russia have reported female patients begging them to correct Braude’s botched procedures that gave them what doctors are calling “dumpling” lips. The Moscow Times reported that one of Braude’s patients was hospitalized after he carelessly performed a procedure that disfigured her and nearly caused her to lose one eye.

1TV reported that Braude smokes while performing procedures and gives his patients alcohol instead of anesthesia. The network detailed an incident at one of Braude’s “master classes” where he, his patient, and attendees were all smoking during a procedure. According to 1TV, Braude’s die-hard fans aren’t worried about his lack of training, cleanliness or anesthesia and are delighted to go under their idol’s needle and knife.

“Causing pain, advocating that you do not need to anesthetize – this is all contrary to medical canons,” dermatologist Alexandra Gont told the Russian news station, adding that Braude must have “sadistic inclinations.”

The Ugly Side Of Russia’s Beauty Business

When it comes to health and safety it seems as though Russian cosmetology clinics have played fast and loose. During the first half of 2019, Russia’s 1TV reported that 90 plastic surgery clinics were shuttered. Approximately 70% were caught peddling expired drugs and staff had low to nil medical training.

Thanks to the “devil lips” trend, Russian authorities may have Braude in their sights. None of this has seemed to phase Braude, whose lack of qualifications has actually been a huge selling point for financially-strapped Russians.”The more Braude brags that if he can do it, anyone can, the more business he has drummed up,” beauty blogger Evgenia Guranda explained.

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