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Man Goes into Diabetic Shock While Driving But Was Saved By 3 Nearby Good Samaritans

It was a frightening moment when 79-year-old Norman LaBarge accidentally drove his truck into a canal in Fielding, Utah after going into a diabetic shock while driving Wednesday. Fortunately, three good Samaritans were nearby and came to rescue him while he was trapped inside his truck.

“I remember bouncing off the guard rails and I remember going over toward the canal and then the next thing I knew is there was water coming in,” recalled the man in an interview with

Fortunately for LaBarge, there were people nearby who didn’t hesitate to help him immediately. One was Fielding Fire Department volunteer Adam Blanchard, Utah Highway Patrol trooper Justin Zilles, and a third unidentified person, all of whom jumped in the water to get the 79-year-old man before the entire truck went under.

“As soon as we jumped in the water to try and get him out, the vehicle came off a barrier that was holding it out of the water and it went totally submerged flat,” shared Blanchard.

Because of the men’s quick response, LaBarge was able to escape serious danger and was only treated for minor scratches.

“I feel fine, nothing hurts,” LaBarge said.

If help didn’t come immediately, it may have been too late to save LaBarge as Blanchard said: “As soon as we got him out, the vehicle went submerged and went up against the bank into the bridge.”

Labarge and his wife, Debby, are both grateful for everyone who came to help.

“For the people who called and for the emergency teams, and you know, those people that were there to get him out and you know how appreciative I am of them,” Debby said.

“I don’t know who they are or why they came to help. I’d like to express my appreciation to them because I’m very grateful for what they did,” LaBarge said. “Of course, it would have been catastrophically worse, but they got me out before that happened, so those good Samaritans really saved the day,” he added.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved