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This Digital Program Is Helping Pre-Diabetics Change Their Lives Forever

Over 80 million adults in the U.S. are pre-diabetic and often lost on what they can do to turn things around. But now one healthcare organization has developed a new idea that is truly helping people get their lives back and make healthier choices. Omada Health has launched a program that offers users great tools to help them stay accountable and make a real lifestyle change. And it’s all available right from your mobile device!

Quality Resources At The Touch Of A Button

Omada’s digital program, available on smartphones and other devices, allows users to get advice not only from health experts but also stories from their own peers. It matches everyone with a coach as well as a group of peers they can text or email regularly to help stay on track. You can meet up with a doctor and get good advice, but it all can go in one ear and out the other. However, hearing from others who have the same struggles as you can make a world of difference!

The program also provides educational stories and games, as well as journaling daily diet and exercise. With the great resources it provides, this app is already changing lives for the better!

A Complete Change For One Man

Chef Don Speranza, now in his late 60s, was hit with a major wake up call when he was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. Soon after, he signed up for the Omada program to lose the necessary weight and get his blood sugar levels under control. The chef would weigh himself daily, and track every bit of food he ate. With a coach helping him along the way, Don became more disciplined with his workouts and nutrition.

Every week, the chef would make changes, like cutting out bread and pasta and eating more protein and veggies. He would go on more walks or ride a stationary bike for exercise. Slowly but surely, the weight came off! Don lost about 50 pounds and his sugar levels are back to normal. The best part? Don no longer has pre-diabetes. This app definitely brings results. However, like most weight loss journeys, change doesn’t happen overnight.

Moving Towards A Healthier Life

Overall, Omada Health’s digital program is thriving. A recent pilot study with Intermountain Healthcare, which focused on about 200 people at high risk for Type 2 diabetes, proved that the program is getting steady results over time. It showed that 75 percent of the participants completed the Omada program and, over the course of one year, lost at least 5 percent of their body weight. At least one in four participants lost 7 percent of their body weight or more.

Those results are definitely worth the hard work and time it takes for these participants to get to a healthier place in life. With consistency and discipline, and a little help from this app, a healthier and better life awaits!

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