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Gotta Taste ‘Em All: You Can Now Dine À La Pikachu At This Pokémon-Themed Cafe in Tokyo

The Pokémon Cafe just popped into the news because it celebrated an anniversary. The Tokyo-based eatery, a favorite among Pokémon players, offered a limited menu in honor of the occasion. Fans were delighted to see the new dishes, but many of them didn’t realize that the Pokémon serves up cute culinary creations all year.

Bulbasaur And Charizard And Pikachu, Oh My

The limited menu caught nearly every Pokémon player’s eye. One of the exclusive dishes was the eye-catching Bulbasaur Vegetable Burger, which looked too pretty to eat. Even meat-lovers were tempted by the green burger, with a side of soup and fries.

Fortunately, meat-eaters and Charizard fans were equally represented by a roast beef volcano. Pikachu appeared as a latte and a marshmallow cake. Squirtle, Mew, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres each had a signature drink.

The Daily Menu

The Pokémon Cafe offered delicious dishes daily, as well. Pikachu frequently featured on the everyday menu. A Pikachu Plate meal was even served on an actual Pikachu-shaped plate. For taste, however, diners highly recommended Pikachu Curry. Promising to be full of energy, it was highlighted by a Pika made out of rice, along with star-shaped potatoes and vegetables.

Snorlax was available as a Hamburg steak on a bed of rice and vegetables, and Eevee had her own plate. Visitors also enjoyed ordering Pokémon-inspired lattes and soaking up the atmosphere of the cafe as they finished their meals.

Dessert À La Pokémon

The dessert menu at the cafe could please anyone’s sweet tooth. Not only did it include a variety of fresh ingredients, but the dishes were also visually appealing. From Pikachu pudding with fresh fruit to a selection of Pokémon pancakes, there was something for every taste. Chocoholics had the standout sweet treat, however.

Eevee’s Sweet Chocolate Parfait was a bestseller all the way around. Fluffs of cream were made to resemble Eevee’s tail. Coffee jelly and sweet and sour berries topped off the chocolate to create a rich, multi-layer palate-pleaser.

What would you try first at the Pokémon Cafe?

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