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Now The Chicken CAN Cross The Road: Disabled Chicken Gets Outfitted With Adorable ‘Custom Wheels’

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Life for a chicken named Granite Heart has not been easy, especially when getting around on foot. Granite Heart, the beloved pet of 10-year-old Alora Wood in Vermont, was born disabled and needed some assistance. Luckily, the company Walkin’ Pets was up to the task of outfitting Granite Heart with a nifty wheelchair.

One Sweet Bird

It’s no wonder why Granite Heart is a chicken made to melt hearts versus ruffling feathers. The two-year-old bird loves cuddles, oranges, and has a winning personality. The pet chicken was unfortunately born with a deformed leg and defective tendons, so she has never been able to stand on her own two feet and walk about. Even though Granite Heart managed to hobble about on one good foot, or fly for short distances, her range of motion has been limited. After some wicked weasels attacked Granite Heart and her siblings in the coop, Alora decided to make her an indoor bird.

Made For Mobility

Giving a pet chicken a custom wheelchair didn’t go unnoticed, as comics on Saturday Night Live had to give their two cents. Alora Wood called out SNL for being insensitive to the unique needs of her disabled pet, crying foul (or fowl) over how she “should just eat the chicken.” Walkin’ Pets typically created wheelchairs for larger animals like cats and dogs, but the Massachusetts- based company wanted to help Granite Heart. Not only was Granite Heart a celebrity in her own right for being so resilient, but she was the first chicken to ever receive a Walkin’ Pets wheelchair.

The Internet Clucks Back

Once Granite Heart started to get the hang of her new wheels, it wasn’t long before she was zipping along all over the house. Online Walkin’ Pet’s Twitter feed, 15 people loved a post featuring Granite Heart with her wheelchair. Online Reddit, users like Nk4512 sided with the comics of SNL, commenting, “One order of McHandicappedNugget coming up.” Despite having supporters and haters, Granite Heart has proved she is one tough bird.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved