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Disabled Rescue Dog Gets A Special Treat And A Permanent Home

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Rocky Kanaka’s life’s work is to rescue pets. He has a thriving YouTube channel and Netflix series that helps to get some of the most at-risk pets adopted. One of his most popular YouTube series is called ‘Dog’s Day Out’ where he takes a pet that has been living in a shelter out for a day of fun and special treatment. In addition to giving the animal a day filled with joy, this show exposes the animals to viewers who might adopt them. One incredibly special dog, named Freddie Mercury, recently appeared on the show.

Freddie Mercury’s Story

Freddie (@ready_freddie_ on Instagram) was born with two sets of teeth that sit on top of each other. Due to her disability, eating is a difficult process. When Freddie was rescued, she was found underneath a car trapped inside a bag. Between not being able to eat like other dogs and being left for dead, Freddie was in very bad health when she was found. She was severely malnourished, and she had many broken bones. The bone fractures have left one of her legs permanently atrophied.

Freddie Gets Rescued

The people who found Freddie suffering in that bag took her to Marley’s Mutts. Marley’s Mutts is a special dog rescue for the most at-risk animals. Often times, they take animals that are on death row at local kill shelters. Most of the dogs that don’t get adopted fast enough are older or have health problems like Freddie Mercury. Although Marley’s Mutts does great work getting dogs fostered and adopted, the extra attention from people like Rocky Kanaka really helps get their special dogs in the public eye.

In The Limelight

Freddie has become a regular star on Rocky’s channel. She was fostered by a woman named Angela. Angela fell in love with her and gave her a forever home.

On one of the videos, Rocky took Freddie and her friend Bosco to the pet store and bought everything she touched.

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