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This Man Refused To Put Disabled Wife In Nursing Home – Now, They’re Traveling The World

Suffering from a disability brings its own set of challenges and can leave loved ones feeling incredibly helpless. But, instead of seeing his wife’s limits, this husband saw all that she was still capable of. Now, their story of adventure after a tragedy is inspiring the world– all while they adventure across it!

Helpless Loved Ones: Adapting To Disability

When a loved one encounters unexpected health struggles, figuring out how to best support them can be a long and frustrating process. Often, people turn to medical professionals for the next steps. However, one man blew off doctor’s suggestions for his wheelchair-bound wife and decided that her life wouldn’t be spent indoors!

Andy Fierlit

Andy And Donna’s Heartwarming, Half-Century Love Story

Andy Fierlet met the love of his life, Donna, when they were both still in high school. Donna originally rejected Andy’s advances, but eventually fell in love with his attempts to win her over. The couple married five short years later! Their happiness was overwhelming– until an unexpected tragedy later struck the happy couple.

Andy Fierlit

Donna’s Aneurysm: A Sudden, Paralyzing Tragedy

In 1991, Donna went to bed with a severe headache and experienced a terrifying aneurysm the next morning. It left her paralyzed on the left side of her body. Doctors advised Andy to place Donna into assisted living to be cared for– but the devoted, adventurous husband had other plans for his wife’s future!

Andy Fierlit

Andy’s Decision: Wheeling Donna Across The World

Rather than moving her to a nursing home, Andy decided to take Donna on a trip across the world! Donna is confined to a wheelchair and struggles with memory, but Andy has made sure that she has been happy and safe every step of the way. In her wheelchair, “Proud Mary”, Donna has seen nearly two-dozen countries! Of course, their journey hasn’t been struggle-free.

Andy Fierlit

Overcoming Obstacles: Persistence, Accommodations, And Devotion

In a world designed for the able-bodied, getting Donna from place to place hasn’t always been simple. However, from riding in a train’s cargo hold to leaving a plane on a forklift, Andy has always found a way! Thanks to Andy, Donna’s disability hasn’t held her back– and they’ve only begun their adventure!

CNN/Fierlit Family

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