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10 Disney Characters Drawn As People, And I’m Amazed

Most of us grew up seeing these characters. I’ve always imagined what they’d look like as people.

These drawings satisfied my curiosity and quite frankly, blew me away.

Let us peel back the animated world of Disney for a moment and imagine what it’d be like if our favorite characters walked among us.


Lady And The Tramp


If I only saw this drawing and nothing else, I’d know exactly which scene the artists drew inspiration from, because it’s perfectly depicted.


Zootopia: Judy Hopps And Nick Wilde


I might not have recognized Nick without a prompt, but Judy is a perfect reflection of her animated character.

The purple eyes are a great touch!


Donkey From Shrek


This drawing is brilliant!

The way the artist detailed the hair, the eyes, the leather jacket, the leather wristband and the tattoo is so perfect!


Monster’s Inc: Mike And Sully


This drawing brings an element of scare to Mike and Sully that was lacking in their animated forms.

The best detail is how the artist wove in Sully’s single eye.


Minnie And Mickey Mouse


Mickey and Minnie were the characters birthed at Disney’s start, and the artist did a great job in not disappointing us with how he portrayed these classics.

Their human depictions are just as loveable as their animated forms.


The Aristocats: Thomas O’Malley And Duchess

Bored Panda

If only shown the drawing, I’d recognize these two right away.

Duchess is even better than I could’ve imagined her as a person. Beautiful work.


The Lion King: Simba And Nala

Bored Panda

When the human depictions of Disney characters become popular projects to take on, I was most interested in seeing how Simba and Nala would be portrayed.

This is the best I’ve found.


Alan-A-Dale From Robin Hood


This drawing is pretty amazing, and an unlikely character to choose to convert to personhood.

The hair is what connects the mind to who this character is. Perfectly done.


Mittens And Bolt

Bored Panda

I love this drawing. It’s so creative.

The collar is a nice touch on Bolt and the way Mittens’ hands are placed are so… cat-like.


Dodger, Oliver And Rita From Oliver And Company

Bored Panda

This is one of my favorites.

This movie is timeless and so are its characters. The artist did a great job drawing not only the characters, but the personalities they embody.

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