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This Disney Merchandise Can Go For A Lot Of Money

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Disney Merchandise

Disney has been a powerhouse in the entertainment industry for almost a century now. Throughout the decades, they’ve released a ton of hit films and ample merchandise to go with them. Little did we know at the time, a piece of vintage Disney merchandise from as far back as the 1990s can be worth hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars. Who knows, your favorite piece of movie memorabilia might be worth a fortune!

1. Vintage Mickey Mouse Phone – $200

Long before mobile phones took over, nothing could be more in vogue for your home then a phone based off of an iconic figure in pop culture. Companies and big names from all around the world jumped on this trend and people could not get enough. There was no shortage of Disney based phones, but Mickey was the most popular.

Disney Merchandise

Vintagesantacecilia / Instagram

While the phone was produced in the 1980s, Disney classed it out with a classic, 1930s era Mickey incarnation. This definitely made it one of the coolest products they ever put out. And believe it or not, these vintage Mickey phones are being sold on eBay for up to $200.

2. Original Buzz Lightyear Action Figure – $500

When Toy Story first hit theaters back in 1995, it was like nothing anyone had ever seen, and both parents and kids were blown away by the innovative 3D graphics. Unsurprisingly, the toys based off this movie about toys were just as big a hit. Folks packed into their local Toys “R” Us and took every Woody and Buzz Lightyear doll in sight.

Disney Merchandise

kaden’s toy reviews and modifications / Youtube

What people adored most about these toys was how true they were to what was seen in the film. For example, Buzz Lightyear’s packaging doubled as a spaceship, and instantly, he became the most popular toy. Like most possessions, it’s safe to say nobody knew how much they’d be worth twenty years after the movie’s release. If your vintage Buzz didn’t end up in a landfill somewhere, you can potentially cash him in for a $500 dollars. A similar one was recently sold for that price on eBay.

3. Enchanted Tiki Room Bird – $153,400

If you ever take a trip to Disneyland, you do not want to skip out on the epicness found in Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room. It’s easy to miss considering these singing birds are standing up against Space Mountain and Matterhorn. However, there’s a whole lot of worth to be found in these cute animatronic birdies.

Disney Merchandise

dameusagi70 / Instagram

Considering the ride first opened up in 1963, the birds must have been replaced multiple times over the years. If you can get a hold on one of the retired Tiki birds, you’ll be looking at some major funds. Recently, a retired Tiki bird from the ’60s was sold at auction for $153,400!

4. Aladdin Sega Genesis Game – $440

Back in the day, the two most popular video game consoles were the Sega Genesis and the Super Nintendo, and everyone had their own personal favorite. Usually, you could find the same exact games for both consoles, although once in a while you’d find two games that were completely different besides having the same name and packaging. This is the story with Aladdin.

Disney Merchandise

funtimewallace / Instagram

While both were very popular among fans, the Aladdin for the Sega Genesis was considered superior. The story line followed the movie more closely and Aladdin even had a sword to fight the baddies with! It was considered a gem at the time. Today, you can find Aladdin for the SNES in bundles for a pretty low price, but a mint Sega Genesis version is selling high on eBay. One was recently sold for an impressive $440!

5. Darkwing Duck’s Thunderquack Jet – $275

One of the most popular flicks in 1989 was Tim Burton’s Batman. It took the masses by storm and propelled superheroes into the mainstream. Disney’s answer to this was ’90s cartoon series Darkwing Duck. Kids across the nation knew that they were in for a good time when he’d look into the screen and say his popular catchphrase, “Let’s get dangerous.”

Disney Merchandise

timeandspacetoys / Instagram

Darkwing Duck would save the city by night with his sidekick Launchpad, and live a normal life by day. One of the best parts of the show was seeing all the unique gadgets and vehicles he’d use. They were a mass success of the toy line. However, no toy was as beloved as Darkwing Duck’s Thunderquack Jet. If you owned one as a kid, we sure hope that you held on to it because similar ones are currently selling for $275 on eBay.

6. Beauty and The Beast Tea Set – $280

Looking at this tea set now, you probably couldn’t imagine it being worth much. All the glasses are horribly tilted and one even has a chip in it (pun fully intended). However, when Beauty and The Beast was first released back in the day, both kids and adults everywhere could not get enough.

Disney Merchandise

megmagpie / Instagram

If you weren’t immediately taken by the impressive soundtrack, you probably fell for the toys and books. While childhood fans might think that their old Beast or Belle doll is worth big bucks, they should actually look no further than their tea sets. If this has been lying around your apartment for the past 28 years, know that similar ones recently sold for $280 on eBay!

7. It’s a Small World Animatronics – $41,300

One of the greatest rides at Disneyland is the classic It’s a Small World. Located front and center in Fantasyland, this ride doesn’t only come with a great show, but also a powerful message. It’s been spreading the good vibes and evolving since the mid 1960s.

Disney Merchandise

Tom Nebbia / Corbis via Getty Images

While the ride’s animatronics may look like something that a high school student could put together, they are actually worth a good deal. An original robot from the 1960s was recently sold at an auction for an astounding $41,300 bucks. Keep your eyes out for one of these robots! We’re quite certain that even a robot from the 1990s would garner someone a small fortune.

8. Beauty and The Beast VHS – $13,500

Beauty and The Beast was a huge deal when it hit the theaters back in 1991. It caused such a stir around the world, that it became the first animated film to ever be nominated at the Academy Awards for Best Picture. When the VHS was released, it sold out almost immediately after it touched the shelves.

Disney Merchandise

teacherdirectorgalore184 / Instagram

While plenty were quick to throw their VHS collection into the garbage when Netflix took over, a Beauty and The Beast VHS belongs only on a pedestal. Believe it or not, but a used first edition of the film was sold for $500 bucks on eBay. That’s truly amazing, but will sound like nothing when you hear that a mint condition Beauty and The Beast VHS was recently sold for $13,500 at an auction.

9. Vintage Mickey Mouse Watches – $500

When it comes to Disney, Mickey Mouse is considered king of the animated characters. One can’t exactly say why, but when he first popped up in 1928’s Steamboat Willie, the world fell in love with the little critter. From that point on, Mickey Mouse products could literally be found anywhere. Even adults were sporting something Mickey back then, even if it was as simple as a watch.

Disney Merchandise

Watch Hobby / Youtube

If you could possibly get your hands on one of these vintage Mickey watches from as far back as the 1930s and as new as the 1980s, you can be in for fat stack of cash. A Seiko Mickey Mouse watch from the 1980s was recently sold for $500 on eBay. Imagine what a mint conditioned 1930s Mickey watch would go for.

10. Mattel Woody Doll – $1,195

Not a single toy brand is licensed to release Disney toys, but handfuls are. Of all of them, Mattel is the best known and is considered to have the highest quality products. When Toy Story came out in 1995, you can rest assured that Mattel was doing their thing and releasing toys for everyone, from Slinky Dog to Buzz Lightyear.

Disney Merchandise

KN Collectables / Youtube

While Buzz Lightyear was arguably the most popular toy amid the children, it is the Woody doll that’s getting the last laugh. If you have a Mattel brand Woody Doll from the 1990s, much like the one featured here, know that a similar one was recently sold online for $1,195. That’s one heck of an investment considering how little it must have cost back in the day.

11. Mickey Mouse PEZ Dispenser – Between $600 and $800

You can find a PEZ dispenser for almost everything. It can be a cartoon character, a historical figure and even a famous actor or actess. With that, it should come as no surprise that there is a PEZ dispenser for every Disney character that was ever created, and that obviously includes Mickey Mouse.

Disney Merchandise

taro_pez / Instagram

If you can find an old enough Mickey Mouse PEZ dispenser, you can be in for some big bucks. That old Mickey PEZ dispenser you bought back in 1971 or even before then, can be worth anywhere between $600 and $800 on eBay – similar ones recently sold for that amount. Sadly, rarely can someone keep track of a PEZ dispenser. They usually fall into a couch cushion somewhere and are never heard from again.

12. Sun Colors Pocahontas Gift Set – $300

When Pocahontas was released in 1995, it was a big hit but failed to get as much acclaim as the cinematic masterpieces that came before it. Artistically, Disney was said to have taken things in a different direction with the movie and while Disney fans adored it, it was filled with historical inaccuracies. That, however, did not affect merchandise sales.

Disney Merchandise

pinksparkle80s / Instagram

The Sun Colors Pocahontas Gift Set was a pretty basic toy back in the 1990s, but today it can garner a lucky collector an extra $300 bucks, as it was recently sold for that much eBay. However, don’t think that you can just hand in your played with doll and collect your money. That kind of money will likely only be paid to someone with a mint conditioned doll.

13. Bambi Forest and Friends Water Globe – $130

Coming out in 1942, Bambi was the fifth Disney movie to ever be released. While it may pale in comparison to the three dimensional features being released today, Bambi is a movie that made the Disney empire possible. While the film didn’t get a line of action figures released, it did come with some merchandise

Disney Merchandise

disneysnowglobes / Instagram

The Bambi Forest and Friends Water Globe wasn’t released in 1942, but in 1990. No doubt, anyone who kept merchandise from the 1940s would likely be rolling in dough. As for more recent memorabilia, this globe was listed on Etsy recently for an impressive $130. As of September, 2019, the globe is no longer listed for sale, which means that the next globe to pop up may be even more expensive.

14. First Edition Walt Disney Comics – $28,875

Sadly, we never think of how much something could be worth in the moment. We buy some comics because they look cool, they end up getting stacked somewhere for a few years and then vanish completely to never be seen again. Twenty years later, we might find out that they’re worth thousands of dollars and we’re left to kick ourselves in pants.

Disney Merchandise

choicecomics / Instagram

This is the story with first edition Walt Disney comics. They were being produced for decades and nobody could have thought that they would someday be worth thousands upon thousands of dollars. If you have a huge stack of these comics lying around somewhere, look for Walt Disney Comics and Stories #1 – according to comic book marketplace Comic Connect, it’s worth $28,875!

15. Genie Plush Doll – $1,000

One cannot deny that Aladdin is one of the greatest films ever produced by Disney. We’re not talking about the recent 2019 film, but the classic we all held dear to hearts back in the ’90s. When Aladdin hit the theaters, it was an instant success filled to the brim with superb voice acting and memorable musical numbers.

Disney Merchandise

disney_geek32 / Instagram

Merchandise went out and sold at an amazing rate, with one of the most popular characters being Robin Williams’ Genie. If you happen to have a Genie plush doll from 1992, you could potentially be $1,000 richer. That’s how much it recently sold for on eBay. If you have a plush doll based off of Will Smith’s Genie, best wait a few years before you try to auction it off.

16. Mickey Mouse Treasure Chest – $50

Even in this very rusty condition, this vintage Mickey Mouse Treasure Chest from the 1930s was sold for $50 on Etsy in 2017. If you happen to have a similar one in mint condition, our guess is you could probably get at least double that amount. With such a stylish, vintage design, this treasure chest would look great in any Disney fanatic’s home.

disney merchandise

foundbyher / Instagram

The charming box features a painted Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and the rarely appreciate vintage Donald Duck in their full 1930s glory, ready to keep one’s treasures safe. Just imagine how much joy this little metal container brought its lucky owners through the years.

17. Simba Backpack – $60

While this tiny Simba backpack was never a practical choice for carrying books and school supplies, it would never fail at sporting someone’s love for The Lion King. Also, who needs practical when you have a cuddly, adorable Simba peeking over your shoulder all day?

Disney Merchandise

lonewolfaxel / Instagram

If you’ve managed to save this backpack and keep it in pretty good condition, know that similar ones are selling on eBay for around $60. While the bag likely sold for far less than that back when the movie came out, we’re willing to bet that in another decade it’ll be worth a bunch more. It just might be worth the wait.

18. Vintage Donald Duck PEZ Dispenser- Between $600 and $800

While no Disney character will ever be quite as popular as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck is a close runner up. He’s had a bundle of shows, movies and video games completely surrounding him or one of his duck relatives. Naturally, a vintage Donald Duck PEZ dispenser will be worth a pretty penny if found in decent condition.

Donald Pez

Joey Hallie / Instagram

What probably sold for nearly nothing back in the olden days is now being for a staggering $600 to $800 on eBay, and that’s not the only valuable vintage Disney PEZ dispenser out there. Seeing as plastic takes like 500 years to biodegrade, there’s probably a landfill somewhere filled with these little treasures.

19. Mickey and Minnie Dolls By Charlotte Clark – $164

For people not so well-versed in Disney memorabilia, Charlotte Clark was the seamstress behind the first Mickey Mouse dolls back in 1930. Today, a pair of surviving Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse doll created in 1933 is listed on eBay for 150 Euros, or an spectacular $164.

Disney Merchandise

mydisneymerch / Instagram

Before you rush out of the house to find one of these, don’t think that it will be easy to obtain one. You can’t just track Charlotte Clark down and have her make you a classic Mickey Mouse doll, as the seamstress passed away in 1960. This means that any dolls that are out there are going to be pretty ancient.

20. 101 Dalmatians Giga Pet – $90

Nothing can be more 1990s than a Giga Pet. These handy little gadgets took the late ’90s by storm and gave every kid their first taste of adult responsibility. Today, they are fondly missed and sought after. A rare Giga Pet can go for a hefty sum of eBay, and a Disney Giga Pet can sell for a surprisingly high amount for such a small toy.

Disney Merchandise

Butterfly Kisses / Youtube

Back in 1961, Disney released 101 Dalmatians. It touched children and adults everywhere and set a new standard for the company’s studio. In 1996, Disney fueled our love for the spotted dogs all over again when they released a live-action remake. It came right at the height of the Giga Pet phase and Tiger, the electronic device’s manufacturer didn’t hesitate to produce a specialty 101 Dalmatians version. One of these Giga Pets was recently sold for a hefty $90 on eBay!

21. The Little Mermaid Snow Globe – $155

According to many Disney fans, the 1980s weren’t the best decade for the company. Besides for The Fox and The Hound, there were few memorable animated movies released. Then at the tail end of the decade, Disney released one of their biggest hits of all time: The Little Mermaid. The magical film was unlike anything any Disney fan had seen since the 1960s, and it opened the gates to what many consider to be Disney’s greatest era.

Disney Merchandise

diegoktk / Instagram

Merchandise related to The Little Mermaid sold like hotcakes. Back in 1989 and 1990, these items were affordable to most of the public, and it makes perfect sense for their value to increase dramatically over the years. Today, these items are priced pretty darn high. A Little Mermaid snow globe much like the ones featured here, for example, was recently sold on eBay for an impressive $155.

22. Diamond Mickey Mouse Pendant – $4,500

There are thousands upon thousands of Disney fans out there who will buy the DVDs of all their favorite Disney movies, sleep with a Mickey doll and even get a Tinkerbell tattoo. But have you ever considered treating yourself to some sleek Disney diamond jewelry?

Disney Merchandise

T R / Youtube

Take this Diamond encrusted Mickey Mouse pendant, for example. Much like this one, Mickey pendants made of gold, diamonds, and rubies are listed on eBay for around $4,500 a piece, which is an impressive amount of money for a cartoon character. One has be a pretty die hard Disney fan to pay so much money for a sparkly little mouse.

23. Disney LCD Games – $50

Back when Game Boy and Game Gear were ruling the handheld gaming market of the early 1990s, game manufacturer Tiger jumped on the bandwagon. Their answer to the craze was extremely limited LCD games. These games were a lot of fun to play with back in the day, and are also famous for their beautiful cover art. Tiger basically released a LCD game for every single 1990s trend on the market.

Disney Merchandise

madtoyland / Instagram

Disney was no exception. They released a slew of Disney games based off every movie and show the company would release. While they could have been picked up for about $20 in the 1990s, today they are worth over double that amount. If you have any Disney LCD games hanging out in your bedroom, know that similar ones are currently listed for over $50 on Amazon.

24. Kissing Simba and Nala Dolls – $100

The 1990s was an unbelievably good time for Disney. The company simply couldn’t stop outdoing themselves with hit after hit. In 1991, we had Beauty and the Beast. A year later we got Aladdin, and then came The Lion King. People would watch anything that Disney put out because they knew they’d be in for magic. When The Lion King hit theaters, the world fell in love with the creatures of Africa.

Disney Merchandise

Instagram / Futureemt2016

Disney released toys, video games for Sega and Super Nintendo and even backpacks and folders. The world couldn’t get enough of The Lion King, and people ate up the merchandise, including these kissing Simba and Nala stuffed animals that would make kissing noises when their noses touched. Today, a romantic lion duo similar to this one is being sold for $100 bucks on eBay. Now that’s sweet!

25. Beautiful Hair Ariel Doll – $140

The Little Mermaid was a smash hit like Disney had never seen up to that point, and merchandise sold like crazy. Ariel dolls were obviously popular then (as they still are to this day). Combine the ever popular Little Mermaid with long, fiery red locks you can actually brush and braid, and you got yourself a sure hit.

Disney Merchandise

vintage_disney_collector / Instagram

Take this Beautiful Hair Ariel Doll, which was produced in 1992, for example. It was recently spotted being sold for $140 bucks on eBay. While it won’t land you a life altering amount of money, a hundred dollars in your pocket is better than an old doll in the attic.

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