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Mickey Mouse Surprises Foster Kids With Awesome News at Disney World

Dreams do come true at the happiest place on Earth especially for siblings, Janielle and Elijah, who finally learned the exact date they would be adopted, in the presence of Mickey Mouse no less, as their foster and soon-to-be adoptive parents, Courtney and Tom Gilmour, made the big reveal during their visit to Disney World.

“They knew they were getting adopted someday, but they didn’t know the date,” Courtney shared in an interview with the Inside Edition.

Courtney and Tom had been Janielle and Elijah’s foster parents for three years now and they had long been waiting for the exact date of adoption for the siblings.

The long-anticipated news arrived before they left for Disney World so the couple planned on surprising the children with the announcement during a meet-and-greet with Mickey.

While Courtney and Tom were just planning to casually ask Mickey to hand over a sign during a regular meet and greet, their surprise became even more special after Walt Disney World learned about the adoption story after seeing Courtney’s post on Twitter.

Instead of waiting in line for hours, the Disney people arranged for the family to have a private meet-and-greet with Mickey at the Magic Kingdom’s Town Square Theater.

In a video filmed by Courtney’s friend, the siblings can be seen walking in the hallway and opening their notebooks for Mickey to sign. After giving Janielle and Elijah a big hug, granting them an autograph, performing a magic trick, and taking a photo with them, a staff then showed the kids a sign that shows their adoption date.

The kids were pleasantly shocked and emotional after reading the sign.

“Congratulations!” said Mickey as he approached and hugged Janielle who was in tears.

Courtney and Tom joined the kids and Mickey gave both parents a big hug.

To remember the special moment, the entire family and Mickey took a photo with their “adoption day” sign before saying goodbye.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved