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Dad Designs Daughter’s Room To Show Disney’s Fireworks Every Night

Most kids dream of going to Disneyland and walking through Cinderella’s castle to enter the magical world of characters and make-believe. Every night over the castle, Disney puts on a display of fireworks for their guests and it’s a sight to behold. One dad from Nevada decided his 7-year-old daughter wasn’t going to have to wait for Disney; he was going to create the fireworks display for her right on the ceiling of her playroom.

Disney Fireworks

Disney’s spectacular fireworks display is called Wishes. It takes place over Cinderella’s castle and lasts about 18 to 20 minutes. Disney uses compressed air instead of gunpowder to set off their 557 explosions of light in the sky so their guests don’t get smoked out.

Not only can you see fireworks in the Magic Kingdom, but Disney has different displays in Epcot and Hollywood Studios, as well.

Fiber Optics

To recreate Disney’s fireworks in his daughter’s bedroom, Lyle Coram used fiber optic lights. Fiber optics are thin flexible fibers of glass used to transmit communications in technology and light. Perfect to simulate stars!

No wonder Shelby’s room took three months to put together; her dad had to place each thin fiber optic “star” in the ceiling individually to get the full effect of the night sky.

Shelby’s Playroom

Although the project took three months to build, Mr. Coram has been adding to Shelby’s Disney fireworks display for the past two years. Not only does she have a fireworks display to admire under her own stars, he’s added snow scenes, floating lanterns, lightning and a Star Wars battle!

To get all of the effects in his design, Mr. Coram used fiber optics for the stars, projectors for the displays, cove lights around the tray ceiling and the ceiling itself is painted to resemble the sky. He’s created something spectacular for his daughter of her very own and he says she spends hours watching the magic unfold.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved