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Divorced Couple Plan Best Surprise For Kids At Airport Before Vacation

Parents know all too well that divorce can wreak havoc on the kids. Thankfully, some parents are able to set aside their differences for the greater good to benefit their children. When one divorced mom packed up her kids for a family vacation, her two children had no idea what was in store for them at the airport.

Breaking It Up

When parents split up, kids usually ending up spending more time with one parent versus the other. Even if a couple separates on amicable terms, it can be challenging for kids to form a strong bond with both parents. Proactive moms and dads can work together to reduce harm as much as possible to their children after a divorce. Couples just have to be willing and able to do so.

Prioritizing the health, welfare, and happiness of children produced from a marriage after parents go their separate ways can make a world of difference. Despite the fact that “1.5 million children in the United States” annually experience their parent’s divorce, it doesn’t have to equal a negative ending.

Together For The Kids

Parents who get divorced or become separated can take positive steps to support their kids, without making the kids feel awkward or “in the middle.” Some parents choose unconventional methods to help their kids experience fewer psychological effects following a separation.

Laura Dee had packed up her kids, 11-year-old Darcie, and nine-year-old Callum to go on vacation to Cyprus. Darcie and Callum had no idea there was a special surprise waiting at the airport. As the trio approached their terminal to board their flight, suddenly Darcie and Callum couldn’t believe their eyes.

Rethinking Co-Parenting

Dean Bone was waiting with open arms for his two kids. Darcie and Callum had to do a double take, but their dad was at the terminal. The kids were even more excited once they realized Dad was coming along their family vacation.

Parents like Laura Dee and Dean Bone are exceptional for choosing positive ways to co-parent their children. Despite being separated, these two parents found a way to show how much they cherish their children, and balance on parenting responsibilities.

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