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DNA Test Reveals The Most Interesting Thing About The Dahm Triplets

Dahm Triplets

Before identical triplets Nicole, Erica and Jaclyn Dahm were famous, they were just a regular set of triplets from a small town in Minnesota. The Dahm sisters achieved notoriety for their skills in the entertainment industry but it’s their DNA that really sets the them apart from other triplets. It all started after they were offered an incredible opportunity to do DNA tests and none of them could believe the results. How could identical triplets be so different? Read on to find out the incredible story of how the Dahm Triplets reached fame and learned a shocking truth about their genes and heritage.

1. Humble Beginnings

Nicole, Erica and Jaclyn Dahm have been unique ever since the day they were born. That’s because the Dahm Triplets are identical. Triplets are rare enough, but identical triplets are almost unheard of. In 2015, for example, only four sets of identical triplets were born.

Dahm Triplets

Little Things

The odds of having identical triples are about one in a million. Growing up, they were like peas in a pod, doing everything together and even dressing alike. They had no idea of the interesting journey life would take them on.

2. Small Town Upbringing

The Dahm Triplets grew up in the small town of Jordan, Minnesota, on the outskirts of Minneapolis. The city is not large at all, with a population of around 6,000 people. This meant the triplets were always well known in their hometown.

dahm sisters


No matter where they went, they couldn’t get rid of being called “The Triplets” or “The Three.” But that didn’t bother them in the least. They were like peas in a pod growing up, so similar that even their parents had to take special measures.

3. Telling Them Apart

The Dahm Triplets’ very-similar looks made it difficult to tell them apart when they were babies, even for their parents! In fact, their parents had little black dots tattooed on the girls’ backsides as babies to make sure they wouldn’t get them mixed up.

 Dahm Triplets


Nicole was given one dot, Jaclyn was given two and Erica wasn’t given one at all. Otherwise, there was absolutely no way to tell the identical triplets apart. Can you even imagine the guilt a parent would feel if they didn’t know the names of their own babies?

4. Early Fame

The Dahm Triplets quickly caught the attention of modeling scouts because of their outstanding and rare beauty, served up like a triple threat. Their good looks were undeniable and by the young age of 16, they were already hitting the covers of magazines.

Dahm Triplets


At just 16 years old, Nicole, Erica and Jaclyn Dahm succeeded in making the October 1994 cover of popular Teen Magazine. All this was just the beginning of their modeling and career success. Their journey to fame was only just beginning.

5. Off To College

The Dahm Triplets had never planned on seeking a career in modeling or entertainment in any way. They had chosen another direction for themselves. And to them, the most important thing was continuing and completing their education after high school.

Dahm Triplets

Vince Bucci/Getty Images

Erica, Jaclyn, and Nicole Dahm didn’t just want to study for the sake of a degree; they wanted to help people. So all three of them enrolled in nursing school at the University of Minnesota. Were they destined to become famous triplet nurses?

6. The Golden Opportunity

While studying nursing at college, the sisters ran across something that managed to catch their eye. A flyer posted up at their school was advertising a modeling job for a special edition of Playboy called “Girls of the Big Ten”.

Dahm Triplets


While they had their reservations about appearing in Playboy, they decided that they would give it a shot. For all they knew, they might not make the cut. In that case, life would go on as normal. But what they didn’t know was that everything would be changing for them.

7. Casting For Playboy

Once the casting director found out that Erica, Nicole and Jaclyn were triplets, everything changed. The casting director absolutely loved the triplets and they were a shoe-in to win for the University of Minnesota. But were they ready to pose nude for Playboy?

After deliberating about the issue at length, they decided that they would go ahead with the college photo shoot. Little did they realize that this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity would be the one to open the door to a whole new world of career opportunities.

8. Instant Stars

The Dahm triplets became only the second set of triplets to grace the centerfold of Playboy magazine. They didn’t expect their foray into Playboy modeling to be so well received! After the issue was published in December 1998, they became instant stars!

dahm Triplets

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

“Playboy started my life. It started all three of our lives. I would never change it for the world. It created the journey that we’re still on. It’s an amazing experience that I will never give up,” Erica said. But their success wasn’t stopping there, even though they weren’t planning on making a career out of modeling.

9.  Everything Together

The Dahm Triplets love to dress the same, enjoy the same activities, and even have the same friends. They say that they would have never posed for Playboy individually, only together, as they do with everything in their lives pretty much.

Dahm Triplets

George De Sota/Getty Images

They explained that it has been this way since high school, but also noted it made it challenging to embrace their individual, unique characteristics. But the triplets don’t seem too upset about that. They love each other and have a special identical triplet bond.

10. Next Steps

After posing for Playboy, the three sisters had another big decision to make: what were they going to do next? Ignore the fame and continue with their studies in nursing school as planned, or drop everything for an oh-so elusive shot at fame?

Dahm Triplets


After much thought, the Dahm Triplets decided that they were going to drop out of college and move to LA to pursue their newfound dreams. And before they knew it, the opportunities started rolling in, paving their way to stardom.

11. Boy Meets World

After moving to Los Angeles, Erica, Nicole and Jaclyn decided to try their hands at acting and auditioned for an episode of the wildly popular television show Boy Meets World. The role called for triplets and they got the parts.

Dahm Triplets


The triplets appeared as themselves in the episode and played the love interests of characters Eric Matthews and Jack Hunter. The two are then tasked with finding a third boy to take them to a party because they do everything together. But unfortunately, the girls meet a male set of identical triplets and leave the pair behind.

12. Family Feud

Coming off the amazing success and popularity of their roles on Boy Meets World, the Dahm Triplets moved on to other TV shows. They, along with their dad and older sister, appeared on an episode of Family Feud. Together, the family won $10,000.

From there, the Dahm Triplets competed in an episode of House Wars, a reality show in which four families compete to redesign a house over eight weeks. The winner was able to keep their house and in this case, the Dahm family won once again!

13. Further Success

For many, it seemed like there was no stopping the Dahm Triplets. Following their reality TV success on Family Feud and House Wars, the sisters auditioned for roles on the TV series Renovate My Family and were hired as construction team experts.

Dahm Triplets

Darrell Ingham/Getty Images

The idea fit well with them. Erica, Nicole and Jaclyn Dahm went on to appear in 16 full episodes of the show. But one of the triplets, Erica, would find more than just career success on the set of Renovate My Family.

14. The Show

Renovate My Family was a home improvement/self-improvement reality show. In each episode, the Dahm Triplets and a team of experts would renovate one lucky family’s home, based on the family’s needs and wants. But while the house was being rebuilt, the family would also have a chance to deal with their interpersonal issues.

Dahm Triplets


After that, each member of the family would be taken to have a personal style makeover. Renovate My Family ran on Fox for three years, a total of 16 episodes. The host was Jay McGraw, son of Dr. Phil, and he caught the attention of one of the sisters.

15. Finding Love

While the triplets expected to do hard work on the set of Renovate My Family, what they didn’t expect to do find was love. The middle sister, Erica Dahm, fell in love with host Jay McGraw. According to her, it was love at first sight.

Dahm Triplets


“Jay knocked on our trailer door and asked to watch a movie…He came in, and we started talking. He made some funny jokes and from then on I couldn’t fight it. It was love at first sight,” Erica recalled wistfully.

16. Opening Doors

After Renovate My Family, Jay McGraw moved on to become an executive producer on talk show The Doctors, along with his father Dr. Phil McGraw. The show features a panel of doctors who discuss different health issues and give advice.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Erica and Jay’s relationship continued to keep growing and they eventually decided to get married. The couple married on August 12, 2006, at Jay’s parents’ home in Beverly Hills. After they married, Jay had an interesting idea: put the Dahm Triplets on his show.

17. The Doctors

The Doctors frequently features celebrities consulting with the panel about some very personal health questions, usually ones that viewers would be too embarrassed to ask their own doctors about. This led to the Dahm Triplets being invited onto the show.

Dahm Triplets


The three sisters appeared on The Doctors multiple times, and unsurprisingly, as a result of their unforgettable visits, the show’s ratings practically sky-rocketed. The triplets talked about a variety of health issues, but what would happen next thing after the show surprised everyone.

18. A Triplet Threat

Not long after Erica Dahm married Jay McGraw, the other two triplets also married. It happened almost simultaneously, like most of the things that the triplets did in their lives. Now that the three of them were married, they began thinking about children.

dahm Triplets


Erica, Nicole and Jaclyn went on The Doctors to talk to the specialists about having children and what the odds would be that they themselves, being triplets, would have multiple births of their own. Sure enough, the odds were increased. What would happen?

19. Pregnant With….

Amazingly, and just as planned, all three of the Dahm triplets got pregnant around the same time. Erica, Nicole and Jaclyn initially wanted their children to be born on the very same day, but unfortunately, it didn’t look like it was going to happen.

The triplets appeared on another episode of The Doctors to do an on-screen sonogram to find out the sex of their babies and whether they were going to be having multiples. Erica and Jay were the most curious because both of them have a history of multiples in their families.

20. The Results

The on-screen sonogram revealed that all three babies were going to be girls and that they were only going to be having one baby each. Erica, Nicole and Jaclyn were beyond thrilled that they would all be having baby girls at around the same time.

Dahm Triplets

The Dahm Triplets all gave birth to their baby girls during the year of 2010. Through their pregnancies, they continued appearing on more episodes of The Doctors to discuss pregnancy issues, preparation for childbirth and other pregnancy and motherhood issues.

21. One More Show

In 2017, The Doctors called upon the Dahm Triplets one more time, but this time it was for a special reason. The team had a special episode in mind and teamed up with journalist Lisa Guerrero from Inside Edition for it.

Dahm Triplets


Due to the popularity of home DNA tests, The Doctors wanted to test just how accurate the home tests were. So Erica, Nicole, and Jaclyn agreed to each take home DNA tests that claim to reveal to be able to find out just how identical they are, and where their ancestry comes from.

22. The Test

For the test, all that is needed is a bit of saliva in a test tube. The process is simple and cheap. The test tube is then mailed into the company. A few weeks later, the DNA results are ready and supposed to be accurate.

Dahm Triplets

Erica, Nicole and Jaclyn each took a 23andme DNA test to assure that the three were in fact, identical triplets. There was no doubt in the their minds that the results would come back to confirm what they already knew.

23. The First Results

Just a few weeks after taking the 23andme test, the results were in, so the Dahm Triplets came back to appear on The Doctors to get their results. The results confirmed what they already knew to be true, but with a twist.

dahm triplets


The results of the 23andme test confirmed that the Dahm Triplets indeed had identical DNA. This came as no surprise to any of the triplets. In fact, they are so identical that their fingerprints are the same and they can open each other’s safes.

24. The Second Test

The second test that Erica, Nicole and Jaclyn agreed to take was supposed to find out their ancestry. This test differed from the first test in that it would provide results far more detailed and break down their ethnic origins.

Apart from knowing with a good degree of certainty that they would have mostly European ancestry, the three weren’t sure what the results would say. The triplets were identical, but would that mean that they would also have identical ancestry? The results shocked them.

25. The Second Results

The second results were what shocked the sisters. While all three of their tests revealed they had 99% European ancestry, the breakdown of what regions they were made up of was not as expected. They all had different percentages from different regions.

There were some obvious discrepancies. Nicole, the eldest, was 18% Irish and British. But her middle sister Erica was made up of only 16% Irish and British. And the bizarre results didn’t just stop there. There were more shocking discoveries in the ancestry results.

26. French & German

Another shocking revelation was that the girls also had completely different percentages of French and German heritage. Nicole, the eldest of the triplets, was only a mere 11% French and German, while her sisters showed up as having much more of that ancestry.

dahm triplets

Healthy Way

Jaclyn, the youngest of the triplets, was 18% French and German. Erica, the middle triplet, was a massive 22.3% French and German. But how could that be? If the triplets were identical and came from the same egg how would it be possible that their ancestry was different?

27. Scandinavian

Another region that showed up in the results was Scandinavia. Jaclyn and Erica were found to be 7.4% Scandinavian while Nicole was 11.4% Scandinavian. Something just didn’t add up when it came to the ancestry results. Erica said that she was shocked by the results.

Dahm Triplets


But, the tests were done to actually test the test itself, so what do the results say about their own accuracy? The Doctors had a lot to say about the tests and the results that Erica, Nicole and Jaclyn Dahm received.

28. The Doctors Reactions

While the Dahm Triplets were left totally surprised by the results, the doctors weren’t as shocked. Dr. Stork revealed to the audience that the DNA test was more for entertainment purposes and shouldn’t be used for more scientific purposes of ancestry.

Dahm Triplets

Daily Trendsetter

Dr. Stork admitted that the tests were not 100% accurate and that the technology just isn’t yet as reliable as some people think it is. “[You] can’t just spit in a cup and have every single answer that you are looking for,” he said.

29. The Journalist

When Inside Edition reporter Lisa Guerrero was asked whether she would consider taking the same genetic test herself, knowing that they weren’t 100% accurate, she said that she would, in fact, be interested in taking the test herself out of intrigue.

 Dahm Triplets


She admitted that the even though the tests weren’t accurate down to the exact percentage, as seen with the Dahm Triplets, they were still in close range to each other. She added that she would be interested in knowing her own ancestry as she is part Latina and English, but isn’t certain of how much each side makes up percentage wise.

30. The Conclusion

So, what did the doctors recommend when it comes to taking at-home DNA tests? They said to proceed with a bit a caution. Home DNA tests have become very popular recently, as people want to know where their family came from, but the results should be taken with a grain of salt.

Dahm Triplets


The doctors say that today’s technology isn’t able to be 100% accurate when it comes to home testing. Even still, the triplets were thankful that they were able to be on the show and help spread awareness of the accuracy of home DNA testing.

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