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Doctors Print 3-D Ultrasound To Help Blind Mother ‘See’ Her Baby

Thanks to 3-D printing technology, 30-year-old, pregnant Tatiana Guerra was able to experience her unborn child during the 20th week of her pregnancy. At first, the doctor described what he saw to her. Then, she was able to touch a printout of her son for herself and she teared up with bittersweet joy.

Emotional Video Moment

As a blind person, Guerra would often need to use her fingers to “see” certain objects including other people’s faces and table layouts during meals. As she was able to do this to feel 3D printed sculpture of her unborn baby, the moment was captured on video.

It is hard to imagine that she wasn’t thinking about what it would be like to eventually hold her son in her arms for real.

Part Of A Series

The touching moment was captured and shown as a commercial for the diaper brand Huggies. It is part of a series of videos that focus on blind mothers’ hopes for their unborn children.

In the video featuring Guerra, she talks about how she wanted her son to feel and what she wanted him to experience for himself. She indicated she hoped he’d feel the ocean breezes on his face and sand between his toes.

Not Just Any Ultrasound

The ultrasound that was shown in the video was not the standard image that is used in most pregnancies. It was a specially produced, high-quality 3-D image that reveals vastly more detail. When needed, it can be used to help doctors get the best possible look at an unborn baby to help identify any medical risks.

Doctors and the FDA agree that the machine is generally safe but they caution against overuse. Though it may be tempting, they warn against having 3D ultrasounds only for the purposes of getting an earlier, clearer look at a baby before its born.

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