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Doctors Said She’d Die Young, But She’s Getting Her Masters and Running a Charity

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Nekhidia Harris is one amazing woman! Her name recently made its way to international headlines after graduating from Medgar Edgars College with a degree in social work. While that may not initially seem to be a newsworthy achievement, Nekhidia was never expected to go to college. When she was born, doctors claimed she would be fortunate if she lived for three days. Despite that scary prognosis, Harris, who was born with a rare bone disease, has defied all odds. Now 25 years old, she’s happy and healthy, and when it comes to achievements, graduating from college is just the tip of the iceberg for this extrordinary youung woman.

A Scary Start

Every parent looks forward to seeing their child for the first time. While Nekhidia’s parents only wanted to cuddle their precious bundle of joy, doctors were immediately concerned when they saw her appearance. Even for a baby, she was incredibly tiny, and her facial features showed signs of a serious bone disease. When the test results came in, it was discovered the Nekhidia did, in fact, have a disease that made her bones very brittle and easy to fracture.

Despite being told that she would only live for three days, Nekhidia’s parents did not give up on their baby. They cared for her as if she would live forever, and she quickly passed the three day milestone. Within a few months, she was declared healthy enough to go home, living outside of the hospital for the first time in her young life. Of course, her disease has presented problems. At just 25 years old, due to frequent broken bones, Nekhidia has already had more surgeries than the average person will have in their entire lifetime. Her disease has also affected the growth of her bones, so she is only three feet tall as an adult. Nevertheless, the Harris family has worked hard to provide their daughter with the happiest, healthiest life possible, and she has thrived.

Nekhidia Gives Back

Together, the Harris Family started a foundation called ‘The Harris Family Vision Foundation‘. Nekhidia and her younger sister Kimberly have always been encouraged to see the potential in themselves and to strive towards success, and that is exactly what they have done. Before either of the girls had graduated from high school, they were already receiving awards for their humanitarian efforts. They are responsible for many charitable events in their hometown of Brooklyn, New York.

The family also takes an annual mission trip to Jamaica, where Nekhidia and her sister give sermons and help the community. The Harris Family Vision Foundation is responsible for an annual back-to-school health fair in Jamaica where needy children can receive school supplies and medical treatment for free. Their foundation is also responsible for opening up a permanent health clinic in Madras, Jamaica.

Getting Her Education

Although she is very busy helping others, Nekhidia has always prioritized her own education. She graduated from both high school and middle school with honors. After high school, she pursued an associates degree at Kingsborough College in Brooklyn. Next, she transferred to Medgar Edgars College, also in Brooklyn. Nekhidia plans to continue her education with a masters in social work.

Nekhidia’s experiences helping others through her own foundation will certainly help her lead a very successful career in social work. In an interview with Inside Edition, Nekhidia mentioned that she was thrilled to be receiving her degree and that she struggled to hold back tears as she walked across the stage.  The Harris family could not be prouder of their daughter’s courage and tenacity to pursue her goals despite obstacles. Nekhidia proves that anyone with a vision and determination can achieve their dreams and help others along the way.

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