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This Dog Did The Unexpected When His Human Baby Brother Started Crying

Brutus the Bullmastiff has been a part of the Michalek family in Northern California since they got him as a puppy in 2016. “I call him my first baby,” Bonnie Michalek said in an interview.

Ever Watchful

Bonnie has to specify that Brutus was her first baby because in January she gave birth to a human baby, a boy she and her husband named Kayden.


“Brutus knew I was pregnant before I did — he definitely sensed it before I knew,” Bonnie said. She said she thinks he just wanted to be near her. “On the nights my husband was working Brutus refused to be in his crate. Looking back I thought he was just being a brat but really he was trying to protect me.”

Meeting Baby

Even though Bonnie said that Brutus has always loved kids, she knew that she wanted to be sure to properly introduce his new baby brother.


“I made sure to pay some attention to him,” Bonnie said. Then she brought Brutus in to meet Kayden. “Brutus completely bypassed my husband to meet Kayden. He immediately wanted to give him kisses and snuggle up to him.”

His Prized Possession

There is one toy that Brutus prizes above all others: a yellow fluff ball. He loves to carry it around in his mouth. “It’s the only toy that he won’t tear apart in five minutes,” Bonnie said.


Brutus loves his baby brother so much that he started bringing him his prized fluff ball when he heard him crying. “He grabs his favorite toy to bring it to Kayden to console him!” Bonnie said.

Brutus probably figures that the toy makes him feel better, so it should make Kayden feel better too. Hopefully, he doesn’t start bringing him dog biscuits to share as well!

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