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Tiny Dog Has Emotional Reunion When Family Cleans Out Closet

If a dog is man’s best friend, some dogs take that job very seriously, even after being separated from their humans. Paquito the chihuahua is that kind of dog.

The Bond

Paquito and his owner were best friends, totally inseparable, and did everything together. Their bond was more than owner and dog; according to their family, it was more like father and son. That is, until six years ago when Paquito’s human, Uncle Castro, fell ill and never recovered. Paquito was devastated, and although the rest of the Castro family eventually helped him through his grief, it’s is clear that he never truly forgot Uncle Castro.

The Reunion

When the family was cleaning out some closets that had been flooded during a storm, they stumbled across some old clothes that used to belong to Uncle Castro. When they laid them out on the floor to dry, Paquito ran into the room. He dove right into the clothes, snuggling, sniffing, and refused to leave.

Paquito recognized the scent of his best friend, probably something he never thought he’d smell or experience again. “He felt his smell after years,” the niece said. “He did not want to move away from the clothes. It was very emotional.” For a moment, Paquito was able to be reunited with his departed best friend, and it’s clear that he missed his owner/father very much.

Even though it was an emotional moment for the whole familyincluding Paquitoit shows that even the littlest member of the Castro family has not forgotten about Uncle Castro. “Paquito is a super loved dog,” the niece said of her uncle’s dog. “We love him very much and are here to give him all that he needs.” Paquito is clearly a very lucky little dog.

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