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Dog Kisses Maine Firefighter who Rescued Him From Roof

Usually, it’s cats that need to be rescued from high places. But this time, it was a dog.

A Rough Situation for Jasper

A husky from Wells, Maine, got into a rough situation last weekend when he crawled through a second-story window onto the roof. 

Phil Burke, a concerned citizen, noticed Jasper the dog pacing back and forth on the roof and alerted authorities. Jasper didn’t seem too anxious. Another citizen was able to stay on the scene with Jasper until firefighters came to the rescue.

Kisses from Jasper

This type of call was a first for Captain Jeff Nawfel – he’d never had to rescue a dog from the roof before.

“You know there’s always the thought of the firemen going to rescue the cat out of the trees — it’s the ongoing thing. This was a first in my career,” Nawfel said. Captain Jeff Nawfel climbed up onto the roof to nudge Jasper back inside – but not before Jasper gave him some love. He was grateful to be safe, but of course, he was more interested in giving affection to Nawfel.

A Viral Post

The Wells Police Department posted some photos of the incident and wrote, “Thank you kisses to Captain Nawfel! It’s pawsatively love! Is there anything more stunning than an animal expressing gratitude?!” The post got over 16,000 views. Nawfel was surprised to see how much attention the post had gotten.

“I had no idea a little affection from a dog would blow up the way it has,” he said. “It’s been surreal at best. “It floors me that, out of anything going on, this has gotten the attention that it has. It’s crazy. Absolutely crazy,” he told WGME.

Jasper’s owners brought a thank you card to the firefighters and mentioned that he is quite the explorer. Let’s hope he stays off the roof next time!

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