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Dog Missing For 8 Months Found Almost 200 Miles From Home

When the family dog goes missing, most dog parents never lose hope that they will see their furry family member again.  After surviving a long trek across a few state lines, one lucky hound managed to reconnect to his family. No one was quite sure how Kaiser got so far from home, but the Woollacotts were grateful to get their dog back safe and sound.

Going The Distance

When Tom Woollacott of Ashby, Massachusetts, left his German Shepherd and Alaskan Malamute mix in the care of a trusted family friend, he couldn’t believe what happened when he returned for his dog. Somehow, Kaiser had managed to jump over the six-foot wall on his friend’s property and had vanished without a trace.

Tom Woollacott spent the next three to four weeks following Kaiser’s disappearance searching up to 1,500 miles a day. Tom’s daughter, Leah, and son, Connor, adored Kaiser and missed him terribly. As the weeks progressed into months, the Woollacott family was unsure if they would see their furry family member again, but they didn’t lose hope.

Canine Spotting

Tom perked up when a woman in Pepperell, Massachusetts spotted Kaiser. When she entered the horse barn on her property, she said, “I thought it was a wolf.” Sadly, by the time Tom arrived on the property, Kaiser had already left. Tom continued to search for the missing 130-pound pooch, even using a drone. Following sightings of Kaiser in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, the Woollacott family was about to get a lucky break.

When a woman in Bethel, Maine discovered her freezer had broken, she placed $160 worth of meat on her porch. Kaiser seized on the opportunity, eating half of the woman’s meat, and ended up being fed by the good Samaritan for a few weeks. A call to animal control led to Kaiser’s capture and transfer to the no-kill shelter, Responsible Pet Care of Oxford Hills.

A Tail Wagging Moment

Tom Woollacott didn’t have any difficulty identifying his family’s lost dog. After confirming that he was the rightful owner by giving specific details about Kaiser’s dental profile, and receiving a knowing look from Kaiser when hearing his given name, the staff at the Responsible Pet Care of Oxford Hills in South Paris, Maine were elated.

Before Kaiser was identified by Tom Woollacott, he was named “Grizz” by the staff, and many people showed interest in adopting the pooch. After nearly a year spent living on the wild side, surviving the great outdoors, and melting hearts, Kaiser headed back home to his family in Massachusetts.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved