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Dog Neglected By Owner For Being ‘Yucky’ Cuddles With New Family

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How does an animal feel when they’re abandoned? Sadly, that’s the exact question that Sarah the hound dog faced when her owner turned her back on her. After placing Sarah in “solitary confinement” in the backyard, her owner denied the dog from having physical contact with anyone. Fortunately, things took a turn for the better when Sarah was finally adopted by a loving family. Take a look at what happened when the dog that was neglected by her owner for being “yucky” cuddles with her new family.

Chained Up

Meet Sarah. According to 2016 PETA YouTube video, Sarah spent the last several years chained up in an empty backyard in North Carolina. Since her previous caregiver had died, the only thing that the pup had to its name was a super short chain and a dirty box to live in. Sarah spent her days surrounded by cotton fields, dirt, and her own filth. For the dog’s entire life, her owner would literally avoid touching her at all costs because she was “yucky.”

Unfortunately, Sarah was diagnosed with the medical condition aptly named “dry eye.” Thus, she needed daily treatment for her disease. Since her owners neglected her, Sarah’s eyes became mucus-filled and she began to lose her sight over time. Plus, the doggo was experiencing a pretty bad ear infection, which she had lived with for so long that she almost went deaf. Finally, Sarah’s owners called PETA for assistance because they feared that she had rabies.

Canine Cuddles

When PETA finally came to rescue Sarah, the pup’s previous owner admitted that “I think she wants me to touch her. She’s yucky. I don’t want to do that.” Thankfully, Sarah was able to make a full recovery from her difficult past. One of the PETA’s staff shared that “Now, she does want to be in constant contact whenever anyone’s around and has a hard time not being in their lap. So we’re actually taking Sarah to her new place.” It gets better: Sarah absolutely loved meeting her adoptive family!

PETA’s YouTube video showed the resilient pup greeting her new family and their adorable Golden Retriever. Sarah’s foster dad gave her lots of belly rubs and scratches while she lounged on the floor. The hound appeared to be completely blissed out as she received the love and attention that she craved for years. Sarah also had the chance to relax on the kitchen floor as her new dad and brother continued to give her love. The fact that Sarah finally got the canine cuddles that she deserved will definitely bring a tear to your eye!

A New Start

About her fresh start on the farm, Sarah’s foster mom dished to PETA that, “Hound dogs are just the sweetest, most gentle, wonderful family dogs. When we met Sarah, we thought that this was a special hound that we could bring into our home.” The dog’s new fur mom continued to tell PETA, “And I hope that she enjoys all the new smells on the farm, and I hope she enjoys the life with our children and with her new doggy friend. I hope that Sarah has a very long and happy life with us here.”

Of course, Sarah’s incredible story of survival has gone completely viral. The Internet went crazy every time that Sarah’s new owners rubbed her paws or patted her stomach. In fact, PETA’s YouTube video about the pup gained almost 3.4 million views, about 5,200 likes, and almost 200 comments since it was posted. We can’t wait to see what Sarah and her “forever family” are up to next!

Check out PETA’s incredible YouTube video about Sarah below:

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