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Dog Sent Back To Shelter For Being “Too Nice” Gets A New, Loving Family

A rescue dog seemed to have found herself a new home, but quickly found herself shipped back to a shelter. The unbelievable reason? She was apparently “too nice.” But, after another search for the right family, it looks like things are finally looking up for this pup!

Too Dependent

Helena, a four-year-old Velcro Mastiff, had been housed at the LifeLine Animal Project in Fulton County, Georgia. The adorable pup was able to find a home, but the owner realized that Helena wasn’t a good fit for him. See, Helena was a very loving dog, who sticks to people just like Velcro. That wasn’t what her new owner wanted.

Facebook / LifeLine Animal Project

The owner wanted a more independent dog who he could depend on to protect the house. Sadly, Helena didn’t really fit that bill. He found that Helena was much too needy for his liking. The guy even had the nerve to say that a woman might be a better parent for Helena, “because they are more into that petting stuff.” So, in the end, he gave Helena back to Lifeline.

Back To The Search

Nevertheless, the animal rescue organization didn’t stop trying to find Helena a new home. One that would appreciate her for all the love and cuddles she had to give!

Facebook / LifeLine Animal Project

So workers took adorable pictures of the dog and posted them on Facebook. Helena’s photos and story quickly went viral, with many good families reaching out to LifeLine about adoption.

A New Family

In the end, this nice dog didn’t finish last! After the viral post, LifeLine was able to find the perfect family for this loving dog in just two days.

Facebook / LifeLine Animal Project

The animal organization announced that Helena had officially been adopted. LifeLine spokesperson, Karen Hirsch, said in an interview that it was clear that the dog’s new family will “spoil her rotten.” Exactly what this great pup needs and deserves!

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