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Dog Owner Finds The Cutest Solution To Cheer Up Lonely Pup

Since she was a little girl, a woman in Nova Scotia, Canada, really wanted a dog of her own. She managed to adopt a new furry friend into her life but soon found that it was more work than she thought it would be. After finding out the pup struggled with being alone, she knew she would have to come up with a solution.

In Need Of A Friend

Leanne wanted a puppy as a child, but her mother had said no. When Leanne was old enough and on her own, she decided it was time for a canine friend. It was a perfect idea. She didn’t want a family of her own just yet but still wanted someone to come home to at night. Leanne was also financially stable and able to afford one. As luck would have it, she soon ran into a stray out on the street.


A Lost Pup

On her way to work, Leanne noticed a cute but weak black labrador puppy wandering on his own. The poor dog was malnourished and suffered from mange. With no one to claim him, Leanne took him to the vet for treatment. She quickly fell in love with him. Leanne decided then and there to officially adopts him and named him Marlow. But the new pup wouldn’t come without his share of trouble!

Doggone Problems

Feeling Abandoned

After months of treatment, little Marlow was feeling a lot better. Leanne would bring him to work where her co-workers showered him with love and attention. However, as Marlow got bigger, Leanne began leaving him at home. Every night, she would come home to huge messes that Marlow had made. The poor pup suffered from separation anxiety, and Leanne knew she would have to figure something out to nip this in the bud.

Happy Dog Heaven

Searching For A Solution

Leanne tried to find dog sitters but to no avail. Her vet recommended medication for Marlow, but she refused to take that route. Instead, Leanne spent months researching and found something she hoped would be the answer to the problem. But would it be the best solution for Marlow’s behavior?

The Balance Careers

Making New Friends

The woman heard great things about Good Hands Boarding Kennels, which housed dogs of all sizes, breeds, and ages. During the day, the dogs would get to play and run around under the watchful eyes of caretakers. It ended up being a perfect fit for Marlow! He now had a bunch of new friends to play with during the day, and Leanne’s house was still intact when she came home.  Win-win!

Facebook / Good Hands Boarding Kennel

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