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New Study Shows That Dog Owners Snap More Pics Of Their Pets Than Their Partners

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If you ever thought that your mate liked your pet more than they liked you, you might be right. According to’s “The Truth About Dog People” study, 25% of pet owners have taken their furry friend on dates with them. Not only that, but the study also showed that more than half of pup owners confessed to snapping more pics of their pets than their partners. Stay tuned to find out why animal lovers are taking more photos of their canine than their spouse.

Ruff Riders

If you had the choice to take a picture of your partner watching TV or your lovable pup, which would you choose? For true pet fanatics, the answer is simple. Filling your Instagram feed with incredibly cute pictures of your canine is an incredibly trendy move, and dog selfies have dominated social media since the dawn of time. Shockingly,’s study found that 65% of its participants would rather take a snapshot of their doggie than their significant other. As if that wasn’t crazy enough, the study also showed that 47% of participants had a more difficult time separating from their animal for a week than their spouse. Hopefully, they didn’t share that tidbit of info with their mate!

Man’s Best Friend

Speaking of man’s best friend, dogs have taken a higher priority in the majority of owners’ lives than their own family. In fact, Rover’s behavioral study indicated that a whopping 94% of dog owners consider their pup to be a family member. The study also demonstrated that more than half of dog lovers greet their animal first before they say “hello” to the rest of their family. In even more mind-boggling news, Rover’s study determined that almost one of out four “dog people” enjoy singing made-up songs for their pet. What’s more surprising is the study’s finding that 29% of pup owners post more pics of their pet online than their actual family. And more than half of pet lovers would contemplate dumping their partner if their pet didn’t like them. The study also discovered that almost 80% of pet positive people prefer to include their pup in momentous family occasions such as wedding proposals, greeting cards, and family vacations. Because Bermuda just isn’t the same without Fido there!

Puppy On The Brain

So why do so many Americans have “puppy on the brain”? Rover’s resident pet expert Brandie Gonzales spoke about the growing doggie trend: “Young Americans are less likely to be homeowners or parents than previous generations, but one category they lead in, is pet ownership. They shower their dogs with attention and splurge on expensive gifts because their dog is their best friend, and they want to be their dog’s best friend too.” Gonzales continued to explain that, “Dog people are deeply concerned about their dog’s feelings and well-being. And we’re seeing that reflected in everything from how people name their dog to what they feed them, and the type of pet care they prefer.”

With almost 55 million dog-friendly homes in the United States, puppy fever shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. Rover’s revolutionary study showed that 88% of dog owners have gone to great lengths to make sure their dog doesn’t get too lonely when they’re left at home. That includes turning the TV on for their pup to watch, or buying a secondary animal to keep their primary animal company. If you can relate to doggie FOMO, then you probably won’t be astonished to hear that 33% of pet people have literally cried when they left their pup at home. How a-dog-able!

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