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Dog Plays Dead With Her Street Performer Owner, And It Will Melt Your Heart

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Have you ever seen a street performance? If you’ve been to Hollywood or Times Square, then the answer is probably “yes.” However, Yorge Luis Ruiz has flipped the game on its head by adding a dog to the mix. Now, the Internet is dying over Ruiz’s adorable show with his pet pup. When you find out why this dog played dead with its street performer owner, it will melt your heart.

Street Art

Based in Fortaleza, Brazil, Ruiz is blowing audiences’ minds with his clever performance with his pup. In fact, when Ruiz posted a video of the two on Twitter, it went completely viral and gained more than 2.85 million views. The lovable video shows the Venezuelan street performer pretending to be a human statue with his tiny dog. Nicknamed ‘The Little Dog Artist,’ the female puppy happily freezes in her owner’s arms as he placed a smooch on her cheek. Once Ruiz gives the dog a signal, it quickly sits up before they start the show all over again.

When Brazilian reporters asked why Ruiz started incorporating the pup in his shows, Ruiz replied that “I couldn’t leave her alone at home” adding: “I started to take her with me she was very small and she got used to it.” Ruiz has worked as a street performer for six years and lived in Brazil for four years. However, the street performer and his dog are already gaining international acclaim. Yet, not everyone has been charmed by Ruiz and the Little Dog Artist’s act.

A Unique Act

Critics of Ruiz’s act include ex-Big Brother Brasil contestant Hana Khalil, who posted online that “whenever you see an animal doing something surreal in a performance, you know that there is a 100 percent chance they have suffered mistreatment and psychological abuse, been hungry or been drugged.” However, Ruiz quickly defended his routine with his pup. The street performer clapped back at critics by saying, “Everything we do is with love.”

Ruiz continued, “I know there are lots of bad people with bad energy who say bad things, but I ask for them to look at my Instagram page and see how well my dog is treated.” Thankfully, the Internet has rushed to Ruiz’s defense. According to Ruiz’s Instagram page, the artist reported that “we’re overwhelmed by all the positive comments we are getting right now.”

Two Of A Kind

When you watch a video of Ruiz and his dog’s performance, it’s easy to see that they are two of a kind. Dressed up as bronze-colored fisherman, Ruiz freezes in place on a small podium in front of a large crowd. With his charming pup under his arm, Ruiz and the Little Dog Artist proceed to melt the audience’s hearts with their sweet routine. Nowadays, the pair has more than 90,000 followers on Twitter to watch their act. Not to mention that the enchanting street performers have almost 6,000 likes on their Twitter account.

You might be wondering: how did Ruiz and his savvy dog come up with their show? According to Ruiz, he’s never even trained his dog to become part of his performance. The street performer also confessed that his idea for the mesmerizing act occurred when he kissed the dog on the neck one day. Basically, that means that the Little Dog Artist came up with her captivating performance by herself. Fortunately, the cute duo loves to keep the Internet updated on their shenanigans. You can keep up with Ruiz and the Little Dog Artist’s adventures on Twitter. We can’t wait to see what they’re up to next!

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