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Shelter Dog Shows His Rescuer The Cutest Sign Of Gratitude In Viral Photo

Animal shelters across the country attempt to place homeless dogs and cats with loving families. No matter how hard they try, however, they often have to put down animals with health issues too expensive to treat. That was almost the case with two-year-old Beagle Gregory until a loving stranger stepped in to save the day!

A Heartbreaking Circumstance

Gregory was a stray dog roaming the streets of Columbus, Ohio. He was soon captured and brought to the Franklin County Dog Shelter. Workers there initially thought that the beagle was completely healthy and cleared for adoption. However, they soon found out that he had a serious medical issue.

Franklin County Shelter and Adoption Center

The cute pup eventually tested positive for heartworm, a very serious and potentially fatal disease for animals. Sadly, if no one claimed poor Gregory, the shelter would have to put him down. Nonetheless, employees created a post online highlighting Gregory’s story while being transparent about his condition. They hoped that someone would save him!

Off To The Rescue

Joe Kirk came across the post, and immediately felt drawn to the young dog. He and his wife Schenley are huge animal lovers and even run their own animal rescue organization, Hound Rescue and Sanctuary. The two often search local shelters to find animals in need of good homes.

Schenley Hutson Kirk

Without hesitation, Joe drove two hours to the shelter where Gregory was being temporarily housed. Immediately, the two had a connection. In fact, Joe later said in an interview that their first meeting felt like they’d “known each other for years.” From the look on Gregory’s face, the feeling was mutual.

A Grateful Pup

As Joe drove Gregory back to his rescue organization, he left the pup uncaged, feeling that Gregory had been locked up long enough. So grateful that Joe had saved him, Gregory cuddled up to the man for the entire ride.

Schenley Hutson Kirk

While at a red light, Joe took a few, quick pics of him and the beagle, and they’re absolutely adorable. The photos, which were later shared on social media, ultimately went viral with so many people falling in love with the cute beagle. In fact, an interested family soon contacted Joe about adoption! The family plans to meet Gregory once he is medically treated and cleared. Glad that this story has a happy ending!

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