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Dog Dropped Off At Shelter With Bed And Toys Is Finally A Happy Boy Again After Finding Forever Home

Nobody likes to see a sad dog. It can bring tears to the eyes of even the toughest people out there. Wall-E, a loving dog who was abandoned by his owners due to their unavailability to him, left the dog inside a kennel for two months before one loving owner claimed him as her own.

Living A Dog’s Dream

Wall-E was a dog who by all standards was loved and well cared for by his owners. The lab mix was adopted at a young age, where he was provided all the toys, treats, and excitement he could ask for. For years he was living every dog’s dream, to be in a loving home with a loving family.


Unfortunately, due to their inability to care for him anymore, Wall-E was packed up along with his belongings and taken back to the shelter. “He was very scared. In his kennel, he would bark and bark,” said Jordan Bader, a shelter worker who also runs a Facebook page dedicated to helping find the shelter animals a loving home to spend their days.

The Struggles Of Shelter Life

While Wall-E is a very kind and loving dog, he was scared being at the shelter. Due to spacing issues, he was unable to have his toys and bed, which only made things worse for his mental state. He was suffering from a broken heart, and it would take a particular person to adopt him.

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“Because of his kennel presence and evaluations he was passed up by many people,” Bater stated. Jordan spoke of how beautiful the dog was to the staff with his loving attitude and a broad smile.

Finding A New Home

Jordan decided to post Wall-E’s story on a Facebook page run by himself and six other members. They wanted to show how loving and kind Wall-E could be.

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It was after this that a woman named Lynn Lee saw the posting for Wall-E, and decided to adopt him. Just as he had been before, Wall-E now lives with a loving owner in a beautiful home with all his toys. He is once again living the dream of every dog.

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