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This Dog Adorably Met His ‘Twin’ And It Was Enough To Convince Her Owner To Adopt

It’s hard to say no to a cute pupper’s face, especially when it looks just like your own! Bethany Coleman was a content fur mom, living happily in Boston with her boyfriend and three pets. While Coleman had no intention of adding another mutt to the mix, fate and the farmers’ market had something else in store…

No More Animals

Bethany Coleman and her boyfriend were already the parents to three fur-babies, a dog and two cats. While her boyfriend had suggested adopting another pup in the past, Coleman was firm in her stance to keep it at three.

Bethany Coleman / Instagram

“I was like, ‘no way,’” says Coleman, “I kept saying no one in their right mind would rent a place to two humans, two cats and two dogs.” Oh, how the tables did turn. 


Well, Coleman may have thought there were going to stay a family of five, but she was dead wrong. When out for a walk to the local farmers’ market, her dog Rogue found her twin.

Bethany Coleman / Instagram

A shelter had dogs on display and up for adoption, and Rogue’s other half caught both of their attention. Coleman recalls phoning her boyfriend, exclaiming, “I found a dog I wanna rescue.”

Part of the Family

Both Rogue and Coleman were smitten. Coleman claimed the dog “looked just like Rogue, same size (at that time), same coat…they are both cairn mixes.” The new addition to the family, now named Beast, fit in perfectly as the “long lost sibling” of Rogue.

Bethany Coleman / Instagram

Coleman suggests Rogue’s brain’s and energy are perfectly complimented by Beast’s lumbering nature. She explains they both act like a real brother and sister duo, fighting over toys, cuddling together, and completely inseparable. Just goes to show, you never know what life is going to throw your way!

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