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Unable To Settle For A Single Rescue Dog, Woman Takes Home The Whole Shelter

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It’s nearly impossible for any dog-lover not to fall head-over-heels for a loveable pooch in need. When Danielle Eden, the founder of Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary made a routine trip to Israel, it completely altered her life. Danielle was already responsible for maintaining over 50-acres of property to care for rescued dogs in Ontario, Canada. The sight of hundreds of dogs living in overcrowded conditions, struggling for food, and in need of TLC at an Israeli shelter inspired Danielle to rescue them all. Danielle and her husband Rob share a passion for serving dogs in need. Their determination and selflessness are worthy of deep respect.

All For Love

Taking care of animals who suffer from illness, disabilities, and neglect is no easy task. It may be hard for anyone to see the love, loyalty, and gratitude hiding within the heart of a rescue dog. Danielle Eden and her husband Rob believe in the miracle of second chances and recovery. A struggling dog in need of adequate shelter, food, companionship, and time to heal can undergo a positive transformation.

The Eden family knows a thing or two about being an angel to a shelter dog. The couple resides in Ontario, Canada, where the Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary has opened its doors to pooches from all walks of life. Danielle, in particular, seeks out dogs who have the hardest time finding a forever family and home. Whenever Danielle travels back to her homeland of Israel, she always saves space to take a dog or two back home to her sanctuary.

Champion For Canines

Despite being a veteran at rescuing dogs, nothing could prepare Danielle for one shelter visit in Israel. In a small, overcrowded shelter, 250 dogs fought every day to survive. Up to six dogs would share the tight quarters of a single cage. There wasn’t enough food available to adequately keep all of the residents nourished, and fights would break out. Rats infested the compound, which had lots of muddy areas. A video showing the troubling state of the animal shelter and animals went viral.

Horrified and heartbroken, Danielle immediately knew that she couldn’t walk away with only one dog in her arms. She had to rescue all of those vulnerable souls. Danielle purchased the shelter without any hesitation or doubts. Afterward, Danielle and Rob began the lengthy process of transferring all of the dogs from Israel to Ontario. It would take several months, but eventually, all of the dogs made it to Canada. Thanks to Danielle’s actions and a viral video, offers to adopt many of the dogs flooded her sanctuary.

A Shelter Success

Online Facebook, Danielle, and Rob share the story of their four-legged residents, and about the work they do at the sanctuary. Thanks to the power of social media, thousands of people have shared and financially supported the Eden family and their grateful rescues. At the Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary, dogs have the freedom to stretch their limbs, receive medical attention, and get plenty of food and affection. Over three years, many of the dogs that Danielle rescued from the rat-infested, crowded shelter in Israel were adopted into forever homes.

Working together with local shelters in Israel, Danielle talks to staff and volunteers to compile a list of the dogs who need the most care. Danielle seeks out the most neglected animals who could use a new “leash on life,” and provides them with ample space, and quality services to thrive. The founder of Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary knows that she can’t save every single dog in need, but she does her best to try. The trips to Israel continue, and Danielle and Rob prepare to save another vulnerable canine every visit.

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