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Adorable Service Takes Dogs to Daycare In Yellow School Bus

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When you see the big yellow bus drive past, you can only think of all the bright-eyed kids making their way to school. However, in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia in Canada, that bus might contain something a little different: some adorable little dogs! Goodhands Boarding Kennel has introduced a pickup and drop off service for its doggy daycare clients, and it’s probably the most adorable thing you’ll see all day.

So Convenient!

For owners who need to get to work on time, or just don’t have the ability to pick up and drop off their fur babies every day, this service is so convenient!

After School Bus Service

Instagrammer renamsyer commented on this photo by owner Rachel Haggett, “This is too precious for words. Just like kindergarteners waiting for their bus to take them home.”

In The Bus

Up to 10 dogs can fit on the bus at once. They are separated in cages in the bus until they safely arrive at the daycare center.

Driving The Bus

“It can be loud,” said the drive of the bus, “but other than that, it’s pretty enjoyable, actually. You get to see all the smiling faces and the wagging tails. It’s pretty fun.”

A Regular School Day

Once they arrive at the daycare, the dogs get to enjoy a fun day of activites before they head back home on the bus at the end of the day.

Fun Times

The activities they take part in include trampolining, playing in the ball pit, or even having a dip in the swimming pool, and fraternizing with their furry friends!

Close To Home

Their parents even send the dogs in with little backpacks filled with snacks and blankets, as well as their favorite toys so they can enjoy their day.

Happy Birthday

Owners Wayne Deveaux and Rachel Haggett love their clients so much that they throw them little birthday parties! The dogs absolutely love it and have a great time.

Special Events

The team at the Goodhands Boarding kennels also love to celebrate other special events with the little pups and the big doggos such as Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and Valentines Day.

We Love Dog Daycare!

We love the idea of this little doggy daycare with its bus and we absolutely love how much fun the dogs are having while they are away from their owners!

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