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Two Random Dogs Go Wild At A Market; Do They Know Each Other?

Golden retrievers are naturally friendly dogs, so when two random goldens met at an outdoor marketplace in Seattle, Washington, the owners didn’t think twice about it at first. Like many playful dogs, the two retrievers pulled toward one another anxious to find a potential new friend. But there might be a twist to this one, because it appeared as though the two excited dogs actually recognized each other. But how?

Like Looking In A Mirror

The two golden retrievers were nearly identical-looking. They were so excited to see one another, the dogs’ owners obliged them and stopped to meet. As most dog owners are wont to do with each other, they began chatting about their beloved pets. As the meet-and-greet progressed, the owners were left stunned.

Meanwhile, the two happy goldens continued playing, rolling around and wiggling their bodies on the ground in pure joy. The happy play dance sparked the interest of onlookers and their doggie play time was recorded.

A Chance Encounter

It was then the owners discovered their dog adoption stories were eerily similar. Both dogs had been adopted on the same day one year prior. And not only that, but they were both adopted from Russia and arrived on the same plane. What were the chances? But the excitement didn’t stop there.

It turned out the two dogs were actually from the same litter. From across the way at Pike Place Market, the two goldens indeed recognized each other as siblings. They saw in each other what only litter mates would recognize: a blood bond. The family reunion was confirmed via identical identifying tattoos each dog sported.

Friends Forever?

The happy reunion lasted more than a half hour. The owners were equally as excited as their dogs and exchanged phone numbers to keep in touch. No doubt the two reunited golden retrievers will have many play dates in their future.

Dogs have a special way of opening hearts and creating smiles. This unlikely reunion brought together more than just the littermates. The happy accident brought strangers together in a joyous situation, resulting in surprise friendships. You can check out the video below:

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved