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Your Dog’s Strange Behaviors, Explained

As much as we love our furry friends, they do some weird things. From drinking out of the toilet bowl to marking their territory, most of their behaviors are simple to explain. Other actions, like following you to the bathroom, aren’t as easily understood by us humans. You may assume that your pet is just needy. The real answer is much more interesting.

Pack Mentality

The fact that dogs are pack animals can explain most of their behaviors. For example, male dogs mark their territory in order to assert their alpha status. This is the same reason it may be hard to train a pup without displaying dominant behavior.

There are things animals do that can’t be explained by the pack mentality. If your fido is tearing up your favorite cushions or eating their poop, they may have separation anxiety. Pushing against you during cuddle time could be another sign they need more attention.

Following You Everywhere

Have you ever wondered why your pup does certain things, like follow you to the bathroom? If you’ve noticed destructive behavior in conjunction with this, your pet could have separation issues. If this is the case, you might need to consult a professional.

Your dog may also want to protect you. Therefore, he will follow you to the restroom so he can watch your back during a vulnerable time. Since we humans know we’re safe in our own home, it can seem strange to us.

Other Odd Behaviors

If you’ve noticed other strange things your pet does, you’re not alone. For instance, a lot of dogs will stare at you while they relieve themselves. This is a sign that they trust you to watch their back.

Another interesting fact about dogs is that they hate the smell of clean. That is why they run and roll around so much after a bath. They are trying to get the “stink” off.

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