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A Dolphin Caused This Beach To Close And The Reason Why Will Have You Laughing

They say there are plenty of fish in the sea. However, what is a dolphin to do when they are all out of underwater options? Being mammals, and highly intelligent ones at that, dolphins possess many of the same needs humans do and will act on them as they wish.

Male Dolphin Seeking Relationship

It was reported that a male dolphin off the coast of Brittany, France, has caught the love bug. Boaters were calling in that they had seen the dolphin, named Zafar, sexually rubbing up against small boats and kayaks.

Zafar was giving tourists and boaters lots of entertainment recently as he swam up close to them, even allowing them to touch his fin.

Playful Fun Turns Aggressive

Zafar’s reputation spread throughout Brittany over several months, with people coming to see the playful porpoise. He became extremely welcoming to swimmers even allowing them to get close enough to swim with him. One time he even used his nose to push a woman up out of the water.

It is rare that a sea mammal would express sexual desires towards humans and Zafar quickly took notice the feelings weren’t mutual. The fun and games stopped as Zafar became sexually frustrated and aggressive towards the swimmers. He even began terrorizing the people as they swam and boated.

Beach Closed!

The Mayor of Landévennec, Roger Lars, decided to take matters into his own hands in order to protect the visitors of the beach. He banned swimming when Zafar was present stating, “Swimming and diving are banned on the village shoreline whenever the presence of the dolphin is confirmed. Approaching within 50 meters of the dolphin is also forbidden.”

While the antic of Zafar started out as amusing, it is crucial to remember dolphins are wild animals. Zafar was looking for satisfaction and when he did not get it became angry and unpredictable. Hopefully, the lone dolphin was able to find his soulmate.

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