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Lonely Donkey Won’t Stop Kissing His Rescuer And It’s the Cutest Thing

Pippin is a 15-year-old donkey who has lived a long, tiresome life. After changing homes 12 times, he became tired and scared. His eyes told the story of abuse and fear he had lived all his life. Luckily, the animal sanctuary Santuario Compasión Animal was there to help.

A New Home

The people working at the sanctuary found Pippin after being told a man wanted to get rid of his donkey. “When we saw his picture, we went for him. He was not well in that place,” Laura Llácer, the co-founder of the animal sanctuary, said. When they went to retrieve Pippin, they saw he was kept in a small pen. He had even tried to escape the pen, but got trapped beneath the gate and injured himself.

Facebook / Santuario Compasión Animal

“When he was climbing into the trailer, we saw his sadness and resignation,” Llácer said. “What moved us most was that this was the thirteenth time he was changing homes. We promised him that he would never have to say goodbye again.”

Learning To Love Again

Facebook / Santuario Compasión Animal

While Pippin enjoyed being a pet, his true love was receiving kisses. Pippin became fond of a special caretaker, the sanctuary’s other co-founder, Alberto Terrer. Terrer came to Pippin to show him love and affection–in the form of pets and kisses–every single day.

Happiness At Long Last

After living at the sanctuary for a year, Pippin has a new lease on life. He enjoys eating his favorite snack, apples, and visiting with the other animals on the property. His caretakers credit his speedy recovery to finding friends.


“He had to spend the first months while he was recovering away from the other donkeys, whom he saw playing from afar,” Llácer said. “When they finally met, Pippin was super affectionate with them… As if they were the friends he had always wanted to have.”

Check out the video below to see Pippin give his favorite caretaker lots of love and kisses.

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