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Don’t Blame Smartphones For Young People Being Lonely

A BBC study surveying 55,000 people and loneliness revealed something fascinating. Despite how connected young people are to the world thanks to social media, they still battle feelings of loneliness. Both persons between the ages of 16 to 24 and persons over the age of 75 are experiencing strong feelings of loneliness today.

Rethinking Scapegoating Smartphones

Before anyone begins to blame the wide use of smartphones, endless scrolling on social media feeds, perfect selfies, or time-wasting apps, think again. Many of the young people who took part in the loneliness survey didn’t spend time on a smartphone but still struggled with loneliness.

It may be difficult to believe our modern-day life of 24/7 connectedness to technology isn’t the sole cause of rampant alienation and loneliness. However, loneliness may be connected more to current mental health and life experience.

Reasons For Loneliness

Unfortunately, change is the only constant in life, and some changes take a lot of time to get through. In our current world we often enjoy instant gratification, focus on other people, and what is happening around us. We rarely make time for honest self-assessments and positive self-talk, and neglect being comfortable in our own skin.

Persons who live with mental health issues may experience a heightened sense of loneliness. People may feel more lonely or depressed when winter weather comes around. However, people may have difficulties bearing bouts of loneliness, because they have not built up the tolerance or life experience to handle the moment. “This too shall pass,” really needs to be the warcry for battling loneliness and life’s challenges.

Embracing Change And Mental Health

The BBC Loneliness Experiment revealed some curious things about the human mind. For starters, some people may feel that loneliness can be a positive experience. Also, people who are often lonely have more empathy than others.

As loneliness can indeed trigger significant emotional, mental, and physical health problems, it is helpful to engage in beneficial exercises. Learning to practice meditation, mindfulness, and using positive affirmations can help people endure loneliness, and strengthen the mind and body.

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