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Drake Gave This 11-Year-Old Hospital Patient The Best Birthday Surprise

Eleven-year-old Sofia Sanchez had been going through a pretty rough time. Due to a serious illness, this hospital patient was in heart failure and needed a transplant. Thankfully, rapper Drake was able to boost her spirits with a special surprise!

The Fight To Survive

At such a young age to be a hospital patient, Sofia was battling significant health problems. She had been diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, which often leads to heart failure in patients. Her condition ultimately landed her in Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago.

The young girl had surgery to insert a ventricular assist device to help blood flow to the heart. Unfortunately, that was pretty much a placeholder. In order for Sofia to live the full life she deserved, she would need a new heart.

Getting In Her Feelings

Despite her grave condition, Sofia was still an animated girl who liked to have a good time. In one fun video, she danced down a hospital hallway for Drake’s popular “In My Feelings” challenge. The video of Sofia rocking out to the song quickly went viral.

Sofia also had a special request for Drake. In an additional video, she opened up to him about her recent surgery and asked if the rapper would come to the hospital to visit her. “I love your music and I was hoping that you could come and cheer me up for my birthday or anytime this week,” she said.

An Unbelievable Birthday Gift

To Sofia’s complete shock, Drake pulled through. While she laid calmly in bed, the rapper popped into her hospital room. Sofia screamed in total disbelief! “You asked me to come. I’m here. What’s up?” Drake laughed.

During their visit, “the two bonded over Justin Bieber, basketball and Drake’s two dogs,” according to a statement from the hospital. They also took selfies and even exchanged autographs before singing Drake’s smash hit, “God’s Plan,” together. It was truly a special birthday gift that Sofia will always remember.

Watch the amazing surprise below!

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