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Woman Overcomes Drug Addiction, But Her Next Achievement Blew Me Away

Ever since she was a student in high school, she dreamed of becoming a mental health counselor. She felt at home encouraging others to be their best and loved helping them find the path to get there.

So how did she end up on such a dark path, one fraught with drug addiction and homelessness? This anonymous woman’s story told Humans of New York proves that it’s never too late to turn your life around, and that no matter how long you’ve been crushed by bad lifestyle choices, you can still chase your dreams!

A Turn For The Worst

Though she told her story to the site without giving her name, we’ll call her “Jane.” How her story fell apart isn’t all that uncommon; as the pressures of school and growing up weighed down upon her, she found herself turning to drugs to cope.

What began as an innocent way to relax soon spiraled into a dangerous hardcore habit. Jane once had a promising future, but lost 10 years worth of ambition and progress to her own mental illness, and it seemed as though there was no way to escape.

The Ultimate Wake-Up Call

Luckily for Jane, she managed to survive a decade wrought with harsh, body-damaging chemicals. Her ultimate wake-up call was one that is quite commonly cited: she learned that she was pregnant.

Upon realizing that she would soon be a mother, she quickly fought to clean up her act. Overcoming any addiction, particularly one that has consumed so much time, is notoriously physically and mentally challenging, but the tough-as-nails Jane refused to lose hope. She succeeded in getting clean for her daughter’s sake, promising to be the best mother she could possibly be to her beloved baby girl.

Why Stop There?

For any ordinary person, just the tale of a brave mother beating her addiction for the sake of her child would be inspiring enough. After all, at that point, she had already overcome more obstacles than most people face in a lifetime.

Jane is no ordinary person, however. When she got clean, she landed a job as an office manager, where her talents, toughness, and intellect quickly began to shine for the first time in years. This empowered her, causing her to realize that maybe her dreams weren’t unreachable after all.

So, she pushed further. At age 50, she drove to her local community college, ignored her nerves, and signed up for a few courses in hopes of finally becoming a mental health therapist. Now age 55, she not only has her bachelor’s degree, but is also on track to receive her master’s this year.

By overcoming her demons and chasing her dreams, her story proves that it’s never too late to become your best self. Share if you agree, or if you know someone who needs encouragement today!

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