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Dudes Are Sporting Their SFW Body Hair Designs And Its The Most Peculiar And Funny Trend Yet

If you have yet to see this trend, you’re in for a real treat. Men sharing pics of their freshly shaved body hair is the latest fad to go viral and we can’t get enough. We’re not sure how it happened, and we’re afraid to ask why, but we do know we cannot look away from these bizarrely mesmerizing images.

Lookin’ Good

If you got it, flaunt it! This man made the most of his excess hair by letting the good times roll at a local music festival. That summer heat makes shirts unbearable. But hey, you can still spread a message of positivity with nothing but a good razor and a steady hand!


God ‘Shave’ the Queen

This guy must be knighted, posthaste! He has certainly created a work of art, incorporating his beard, mustache and full torso into this hairy masterpiece. With so much to work with, we wonder if he ever did any other creative hair designs. There is truly no match for his British patriotism, or is there…



Okay, so we totally knew there was an American counterpart coming up. His immaculately shaved chest and tummy are only matched by the sheer and impeccable finger-pointing. Every part of this photo is gold, and we couldn’t be more grateful. Wonder if all 50 stars are shaved in there?


Summer Bod Ready

This man posted his hilarious photo on Reddit, titling it, “My New Year’s resolution was to get rippling abs. Mission accomplished.” The comment section blew up with other men shaving abs on their heads and other body parts in hysterical support. That’s one way to get ready for the summer season!


Peace & Love, Man

There’s no greater joy than spreading a finely shaved message on your chest, in the form of a peace sign, heart and love hand gesture. And may we say, job well done on those lines! Turns out this guy goes by Chest Professor on Instagram and frequently shaves messages or emblems in his body hair. You have to check it out!


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