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Woman Answers Dying Dog’s Last Wish In The Most Heartwarming Way

Janine Guido had no idea when she met one specific dog that he would hold a special place in her heart. She took one look at the dog, Watson, and knew he needed her help. She was prepared to stay with him, no matter what, and that is exactly what she did.

A Discovery That Changed Everything

Watson was brought to Guido’s Speranza Animal Rescue when a college student found him in a Philadelphia park in March. He was thin, covered in sores, and a cancerous tumor had infected his hind leg. “The first thing I noticed with him was his eyes,” Guido said. “He looked exhausted—like he was ready to give up the fight.”

Speranza Animal Rescue

Needing A Friend

Guido knew Watson needed someone to sit with him, and she was prepared to be that special someone. “I had a gut feeling that things weren’t going to be good the next day,” she said. “I didn’t want to leave him alone. Not when he needed me the most.”

Speranza Animal Rescue

Setting Up For The Night

Guido arranged an area in the rescue shelter, where she piled up blankets and dog beds. She laid down with Watson, wrapped her arms around the sad dog, and talked to him until he fell asleep. For the first time in a while, Watson slept in the arms of someone who truly cared about him.

Speranza Animal Rescue

The Final Night

Watson slept the whole night while Guido never left his side. “He slept like a rock all night, cuddled up to me so tight,” she said. “I cried myself to sleep, and woke up in tears, as well.” When he awoke the next morning, Watson’s condition had worsened. He wasn’t eating and drinking, and he soon passed away.

Speranza Animal Rescue

An Experience She’ll Never Forget

Guido didn’t know Watson for very long, but she’ll never forget the experience of holding him during his final night. “I’m just so thankful I was able to hold him tight for his last night,” Guido said. “I was telling him how much he was loved—and that his life mattered. My heart is breaking, but I would not change a thing.”

Speranza Animal Rescue

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