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The Internet Is Eating Up This Spunky Pup’s Unique ‘Cinnamon Roll’ Ears

All puppies ears are adorable, whether they’re floppy, pointy or fluffy. But have you ever seen a canine with curly, cinnamon-roll ears? That’s exactly what this sweet rescue pup was born with. And when her picture hit the internet, people couldn’t help but marvel over her unique, spunky features.

Rescuing A Unique Litter

Jen Deane is no stranger to being surrounded by litters of precious pups. She is the proud president of Pit Sisters, an animal rescue group based in Jacksonville, Florida. When she received a call about a litter of neglected puppies who’d found their way to a shelter in Georgia, it was a no-brainer to take them in.

They received the five-week-old litter of pups in poor health, malnourished, and in desperate need of a bath. After some much-needed veterinary care, the canines were all successfully nursed back to health. And while they were each adorable in their own way, one of the pup’s had a feature that was too unique to be ignored.

The Swirly Ears Of Cinnamon

Little Cinnamon didn’t get her name from her gorgeous coat of tan fur. Instead, one incredible, distinguishing feature set the canine apart…her swirly, curled ears! Deane couldn’t help but think that they resembled cinnamon rolls, and after posting the pup online, seemingly everyone agreed.

Thanks to her odd yet adorable appearance, Cinnamon’s picture gained plenty of attention when Deane posted it on the Pit Sisters Facebook page. Soon, social-media users fell in love with her curly, marvelous ears. Users on Reddit even pointed out that they looked like ‘victory rolls’, a hairstyle from the 40s. After plenty of internet buzz, Cinnamon quickly became a sought-after rescue pup by hundreds of adopters.

Finding The Famous Canine A Home

The Pit Sisters had to sort through a ton of applications begging to adopt the viral star. However, they finally hunted down a family that could meet all of Cinnamon’s needs. The best part? Her new parents had three other canines for the feisty pup to play with! And thankfully, the high-energy angel had more than her precious ears to offer.

Cinnamon immediately began to add plenty of excitement and sweetness to her forever home. Her puppy parents may have fallen in love with her ears first, but came to adore her spunk, personality, and playfulness. Although the rest of the litter wasn’t adopted out when she was, Deane remained proud of the growth of all of the pups. “Her ears just match her personality,” she admitted, “quirky and really fun.”

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