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Elaborate Cosplay Costumes That Bring Our Favorite Fantasy Characters To Life

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Who says costumes are only meant for Halloween? Today, people around the world are finding all sorts of reasons to dress up. Specifically, more and more people are engaging in “cosplay” – a term that joins costume and play to represent a performance art in which participants take on the costumes of specific characters. With the likes of Marvel and DC Comic movies gaining popularity along with animated films and video games becoming increasingly elaborate, cosplay has become all the more popular.
With their intricate costumes, obsessive attention to detail, masterful makeup and crazy complex accessories, you won’t want to miss this collection of cosplayers who turn fantasy into reality.

1. This cosplayer is combining two of our super hero favorites. Inspired by Batman character Two-Face, she re imagined the dual-faced look with Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman and Harvey Dent

Getty/Daniel Zuchnik

2. We’ve got to hand it to this cosplayer, who sacrificed a ton of time and the temporary use of his hands, to reimagine the character Vi from the game League of Legends.

costume cosplay dude

David Ngo

3. Look at this costume, isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you think her collection’s complete? This Ariel costume is truly mesmerizing. We’d love to be a part of this cosplayer’s Little Mermaid world any day.

ariel little mermaid cosplay amazing

4. This cosplaying woman is taking us to another galaxy, and into the world of the Diablo III video game. She’s dressed as a wizard from the game, a character that relies on intelligence. And we’d say this is a pretty smart take on the art of cosplay.


Monika Lee

5. This absolutely awe-inspiring costume is based off of the StarCraft video game. This dedicated cosplayer is dressed as an adjutant, a supercomputer-type character from the game. Talk about a well-oiled machine!

cosplay adutant

6. Superheroes take on villains and they also, apparently, take on the city subway. Imagine stepping into one of these subway cars and being greeted by this cast of cosplaying commuters.

avengers spiderman london tube underground subway cosplay


7. Some cosplaying costumes are just out of this world, and this one is definitely included. This draenei character from the World of Warcraft proves that with proper makeup and attention to detail, worlds can truly collide.

warcraft cosplay


8. We’re wigging out over this clever cosplay costume. One part Batman, one part Suicide Squad, all parts awesome, and sure to impress at any cosplaying convention. We wouldn’t mess with this girl gang.

joker batman villains cosplay


9. The best cosplaying outfits show a deep understanding of the characters they are trying to emulate. Here, this woman is showing off her X-Men: Days of Future Past knowledge, dressing as Mystique when she shape-shifts into a US Army officer.

mystique xmen comiccon cosplay


10. Cosplayers can master the art of their craft by taking a character and making it their own. And this woman is doing just that by putting a girl power spin on Captain America.

captain america marvel cosplay

Brian Calilung

11. With cosplay, everyone can find their niche and run with it. Here, this woman is dressed as San from the animated movie Princess Mononoke. With her elaborate jewelry and face paint, she’s showing us a pretty sharp take on the character.

princess mononoke cosplay


12. The Mother of Dragons took a break to pose for a picture. This cosplayer nails the instantly-recognizable Khaleesi of the Dothraki from Game of Thrones and shows us that cosplay is no game.

khaleesi daenerys targaryen cosplay


13. This shape shifting costume shaped up to be an incredible cosplay. Covered in blue body paint and the signature fiery red wig, we’re mystified by this take on Mystique from X-Men.

blue lady cosplay mystique xmen

14. Taking on the challenge of dressing up as another human is one thing. Taking on the challenge of dressing as a dragon is another. Just take in this creative take on Deathwing from World of Warcraft.

Dragon Lady

15. Here’s a Jedi mind trick. This woman is not from the world of Star Wars, she is actually a cosplayer dressed as Queen Amidala. Move over, Natalie Portman. There’s a new queen in town.

queen amidala padme star wars cosplay


16. This mesmerizing cosplay costume shows us what the performance art aspect of dressing up is all about. From the intricate headpiece to the totally transformative makeup, she has mastered her impersonation of a frost wyrm from World of Warcraft.

cosplay winter queen

Jessica Nigri

17. Cosplaying can make even the most shy people come out of their shell. Or, sometimes, it can put people in a shell. Take, for example, this woman dressed as D.Va from the Overwatch video game. cosplay


18. Cosplaying is definitely not limited to taking on characters from video games, movies and television shows. Sometimes, impersonating your favorite fast food icons can be just as fun.

fast food heroes cosplay

Alienware Arena

19. This Overwatch cosplayer is definitely one to watch. She has absolutely nailed her take on the 19-year-old character D.Va from the popular South Korean video game. cosplay comic con

Pinterest/Maria Fernanda Galvão

20. Some of the best cosplaying costumes make us wonder how some of the elaborate accessories are even made. And we can safely ask that question about this unique headpiece worn by a woman playing the character Widowmaker from the Overwatch video game.

cosplay alien incredible

Alienware Arena

21. Who run the cosplaying world? Girls. These two women are dressed as the butt kicking, dynamic duo from the female focused video game Xena: Warrior Princess, Xena and her sidekick Gabrielle.

xena gabrielle warrior princess cosplay

22. Just because you are dressed up like a supehero does not mean that you cannot engage in regular, everyday type of activities. Thankfully, these cosplayers got that memo with a side of fries.

batman bane dark knight cosplay


23. Why so serious? This cosplayer is dressed up as The Night King, leader of the White Walkers in Game of Thrones.We’re seriously impressed by the amount of work that went into this insane makeup.

night king white walkers game of thrones cosplay

Eugene Morton

24. This Iron Man impersonator really ironed out the details for his costume. From the gloves, to the body suit, to the built in lights, this cosplayer is totally dressed to impress.

iron man cosplay comic con

25. There’s no question that even though this “outfit” does not come with much clothing, putting it together must have taken a TON of work. From head-to-toe, he has mastered the signature red and black skin of Darth Maul from Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. 

darth maul star wars cosplay

Eugene Morton

26. We’re hooked on this costume from this Captain Hook cosplayer. From the signature mustache to Hook’s flamboyantly feathered hat and coiffed ringlets, we applaud the attention to detail shown here.


Randy Fuchs

27. Who said Chewbacca could not be chic? Faux fur is always in fashion when you’re cosplaying the beloved Star Wars character. We can almost hear the Chewbacca roar from here.



28. There’s no monkeying around in cosplay. Unless you’re dressed up as Jane Porter, of course, from the Tarzan movies, in which case we will allow it. Disney World actresses, take note. This cosplayer has her Jane impersonation down.



29. There are few characters as loved as Professor Albus Dumbledore from the Harry Potter movies. He’s everyone’s favorite magical grandfather from the wizarding world. And, apparently, he’s also a favorite within the cosplaying world.


Randy Fuchs

30. We assume that dressing as a “tree-like being” must take a lot of work. That is especially true for this cosplayer, who constructed this immensely elaborate costume of Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy.


Facebook/Calen Hoffman

31. In Tim Burton’s movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, we see character Sally Finkelstein constantly getting in situations where she has to literally sew herself back together. This cosplayer must have taken notes, because she sewed up a pretty incredible costume.



32. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the mightiest and fairest elf of them all? If you’ve read of watched the Lord of the Rings series, you know the answer is Galadriel, pictured here accepting a sword from a humble dwarf.


33. Busting out of his too-small shirt and jeans, we can’t tell if this cosplayer is dressed as the Hulk, or someone trying on summer clothing after a long, gluttonous winter. Just kidding, we’re pretty sure this incredible costume is a homage to the Incredible Hulk.



34. Gender bending is just as much a staple of the cosplaying community as the face paint and intricate costumes. And we’re in love with this gender-bending take on some of the most well-known superheroes.


Imgur/Kit Quinn

35. This cosplayer masterfully embodies the main character, Goku, from the Dragon Ball Z video game. Among Goku’s  signature traits, he transitions from brown hair to blonde when he transforms into a more powerful version of himself. Does that mean blondes have more fun?



36. This character is a talented pilot, and this cosplayer is equally as talented at her craft. Pictured here dressed as Hera Syndulla from Star Wars, this cosplayer is transporting us to a galaxy far, far away.



37. We never thought we would see this kind of collaboration! Take a look at these two cosplayers, dressed as Marvel Comic supervillain Thanos and Jon Snow of Game of Thrones fame.



38. Some cosplay costumes really just kill it. And this rendition of Killer Croc, the arch nemesis of Batman, is no exception. Just look at the amount of work that went into the face makeup alone!



39. We’re all mad about this Mad Hatter costume. This eclectic outfit is made even more fanciful with the added details put into this man’s chair, making it one extremely awesome example of perfectly executed cosplay.


J. Rulison

40. It is almost hard to keep up with the tangled web that is weaved in the Guardians of the Galaxy universe. But the crazy connections do lead to some great group cosplaying opportunities. Mantis, Gamora and Nebula, pictured here, seem to agree.



41. This mega awesome throwback costume by this Mega Man cosplayer is bringing us back to the days of Game Boy and Sega Genesis. We can’t even begin to imagine the time and effort it took to put this together.



42. This costume is serving us major Blue Steel vibes. Taken straight from the screen of Zoolander, this cosplayer’s take on villain Mugatu is equal parts chic and impressive. Just make sure you don’t go near him if he plays the song “Relax.”


J. Rulison

43. Shape shifting is not only reserved for video games. Cosplayers can shape shift from a normal person to any character they want. And this woman chose to transform into a shapeshifting Night Elf Druid from World of Warcraft.



44. Ever since its movie adaptation, Black Panther has been inspiring audiences everywhere. And the comic-turned-film has inspired cosplayers as well. This committed cosplayer is seen dressed here as warrior Okoye.


Oksana Nedavniaya

45. All it takes to make a great cosplay costume is some hard work, effort and a little bit of pixie dust. Especially if you’re dressed as Peter Pan and Tinker Bell. This classic costume will never grow up, and never grow old.


J. Rulison

46. Everyone knows not to go playing with poison ivy. But does that rule apply if you’re playing Poison Ivy? Apparently not, and we’re glad this cosplayer didn’t stay away from portraying this DC Comics supervillain.



47. Sometimes you have to be brave to step out in public with such an intricate cosplay costume. If you’re this woman, she decided to be brave, quite literally, as she embodies Disney Princess Merida from Brave.



48. Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas are one of those classic movie couples. But this gender-bending duo took a not-so-classic take on the pair and decided to switch up the stereotypical roles. Anything goes in cosplay!



49. These cosplayers are no joke. With one pictured here as The Joker and another pictured as Harley Quinn, together they make up one of the most notorious couples in comic book history.


Harley’s Joker

50. It’s a comic, it’s a popular film, and now it’s inspiration for a pretty incredible cosplay costume. This Thor costume has all the bells and whistles, including his famed enchanted hammer, to create an enchanting outfit.

Thor cosplay


Sources: Bored Panda, Geek Tyrant, Fandom

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