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If It’s Not Broken, Don’t Fix It! Elderly Couple Still Uses Appliances From 50 Years Ago

The life of modern-day electronics seems to get shorter and shorter. It’s not long before most people are waiting in line for the newest smartphone or other gadgets.

Sometimes The Old Ways Are The Best

Although we are always needing the new and improved model, we may be moving on faster than necessary. One couple from England has proven that the age of an appliance doesn’t necessarily matter.

This elderly duo boasts about their retro appliances — and you won’t believe how efficiently these household gadgets still work!

The English Couple That Has Stood The Test Of Time

Sydney and Rachel Saunders from Exeter, UK have been married for 62 years. They received a washing machine as a wedding gift, and they still use it today.

“Things were made better in those days, they were more durable and stronger,” Sydney Saunders stated.

Their washing machine isn’t the only household appliance that has been around for decades. The Saunders have an entire house filled with 50-year-old appliances that are still going strong!

The Saunders Have Taken Great Care Of Their Appliances

The couple’s tumble dryer, boiler, washing machine, and cooker are all more than 50 years old. Altogether these household appliances cost $193 in 1956, and they still work well.

“We were given the washing machine when we were married – 62 years ago – and the last time it was used was 12 years ago,” Rachel Saunders said.

Although it’s been over a decade, she is confident it can still do its job properly.

“As far as I know it’s still in full working order, it just leaks a bit. You just don’t get appliances made like that today,” she stated.

These Vintage Appliances Are Ready To Be Antiqued

Despite the Saunders’ pride in their household gems, they have recently decided to part with them. They have decided to turn over their antique appliances for others to enjoy.

“I’d like them to go to a museum or something like that so they can be preserved,” Sydney Saunders admitted.

This elderly couple is not concerned with how much money they will make off of their appliance treasures.

This couple just goes to show that old reliable stays reliable, even when newer, flashier models try to outshine it.

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