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Elderly Couple Met Through Speed Dating And Are So In Love

When you hear about speed dating, you probably think of busy professionals in their 20s and 30s who don’t have a whole lot of time to meet people. But they’re not the only ones in the speed dating game. A retirement home in Atlanta held a speed dating event for seniors ages 72 to 96. The event was open to residents and non-residents alike and they had some amazing results.

Golden Years

People are living longer and longer these days and often spend their golden years without a partner. Why should that be?


Companionship and relationships are good for your health at any age and having someone to share your later years with can be comforting and fun.

Speed Dating

Speed dating events are set up for people to meet face to face in a fun and safe environment. Tables are set up, women on one side and men on the other. The couples have a few minutes to talk to see if there’s any type of connection before the bell rings and the men move to the next table.

Wessex Scene

At the end of the night, the organizer checks each person’s card to see if there’s a match. Where the couple takes it from there is up to them.

Found Love

Renee Weiss, age 80, and Miles Miller, age 92, met at a speed dating event in Atlanta at a retirement community in October 2017. The four minutes they spent together told them they had chemistry and they’ve been dating ever since. “The first time I went to this meet-and-greet thing, it just clicked. It felt like we knew each other forever and everything we do is fun,” she said. Renee and Miles go out to dinner a lot, talk on the phone every day and just got back from sailing on a week-long cruise in the Caribbean together.

Inside Edition

These two lovebirds are proof that love knows no age, as long as you’re open to it! Aren’t they cute?

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