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After An Electrician Helped Out A Couple In Need, They Pay It Forward With A Special Surprise

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What would you for a friend in need? For apprentice electrician Joshua Matthews, the answer was simple. He would do just about anything to help out his pals. When Oklahoma couple Stacy and Josh Lemonds lost electricity and couldn’t afford the bill, Matthews installed a new electrical system free of charge. In exchange, the couple gave Matthews a surprise so special that you’d have to read to believe.

Good Samaritan

Most of us take electricity for granted until an electrical outage occurs. That’s exactly what happened when the Lemonds began to face severe power issues at their home. Since the couple had fallen on hard times, they were unable to pay a proper electrician to fix their property. Miraculously, it was a man from their church marriage group—not a power company—that came to the couple’s rescue.

Meet Joshua Matthews. As an electrician and former Army soldier, the Good Samaritan’s heart for service extended to the Lemonds’ power issues. Not only did he offer his professional assistance to the pair, but he also refused to accept any form of payment for his services. Yet, the thankful couple still desired to repay their guardian angel.

A Job Well Done

Want to know the best part? Apparently, Matthews decided to help out the Lemonds in the first place because they had done the same thing for him in the past. When Matthews’ wife had gotten sick a few weeks earlier, the Lemonds were there to deliver a hot meal for Joshua and his wife to enjoy. Soon afterward, both of the Lemonds were laid off and began to experience electrical problems at the same time. In the face of a harsh winter, Stacy told News 4 that “we came home, and it was really cold in here. Why is the heat not running?”

With flickering lights signaling a wiring issue, Stacy continued to tell News 4 that “we started praying, and saying, ‘God, what is this?” Stacy and Josh also asked their church marriage group for any extra support that they could provide. Even though they had only been acquainted for a couple of weeks, Matthews literally answered the couple’s prayers when he offered his electrical expertise. As an apprentice at Dane Electric, the Good Samaritan got permission from his boss to perform the necessary repairs at the Lemonds’ house for free!

Pay It Forward

After assessing the Lemonds’ 1945 property, Matthews decided that the job would probably take at least several days to finish. In fact, Stacy confided to News4 that “[Matthews] came over and looked at it, and said, ‘There’s some big problems here.’” Since the Lemonds couldn’t afford alternative accommodations in the meantime, they were forced to sleep in their car until the church raised enough to put them up in a hotel. After Matthews teamed up with his electrical colleagues, he repaired the electrical problems at the Lemonds’ house within a couple of days. Of course, the humble veteran wouldn’t accept payment for his deeds. That’s when the Lemonds joined up with KFOR Oklahoma’s News 4 for their Pay It 4Ward program.

Amazingly, the Lemonds had nominated Matthews for KFOR’s Pay It 4Ward program, which rewards local citizens for acts of selflessness. Luckily, KFOR agreed that Matthews deserved the reward, and collaborated with the Lemonds to give him a cash prize. All that Stacy had to do was call Matthew to the house for help. Once there, the Lemonds surprised him with $400 in cash and the news team was there to capture it all. KFOR’s video quickly went viral, gaining over 61,000 views. Thanks for your service, Joshua!

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