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Even Eminem’s Fastest Rap Is Nothing For This Sign Language Interpreter

Everyone has a talent. Some are more unique than others, but what matters is how you use it. Some people can turn their talent into viral fame. Others use their gift to help others. With her amazing dexterity, Holly Maniatty does just both. She puts her interpreting skills to the test with the fastest raps out there and is using her gift to help make music more accessible.

An Amazing Woman

Holly Maniatty is an American Sign Language interpreter. After earning her master’s degree, she went on to interpret hip-hop concerts. Her rise to fame started with a Marilyn Manson show.

Rappers have been using interpreters at their concerts for years. Maniatty began to stand out due to her record speed and accuracy. Artists that got her where she is today include Wu-Tang Clan and Snoop Dog.

A Unique Concert Experience

Maniatty performed her fastest interpretation yet at the 2018 Firefly Festival. She worked diligently during Eminem’s popular song, “Rap God.” Averaging four words per second over six minutes, this was an amazing accomplishment for Maniatty.

Not only was she able to sign quickly, but she also retained accuracy. She puts a lot of research into what the lyrics mean and how best to convey that meaning in American Sign Language.

What People Are Saying

Based on videos of her performances, it is hard to tell who the audience is cheering for. Some say that people are more impressed with Maniatty than the actual rappers. The performers don’t seem to mind. Her press is their press, after all.

What people notice most about Maniatty, though, is her genuine desire to help. She isn’t in it just for the 15 minutes of fame. She puts a lot of work and care into her job. Making hip-hop and rap music accessible is her passion and it shows.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved