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These Employees Know How to Quit a Job with Style

How to Quit a Job

Most people believe a simple two weeks’ notice will suffice when they decide to leave a job, while others take the resignation letter writing process very seriously with all its traditional formalities. Other employees, on the other hand, love to make a grand exit in the most hilarious and creative of ways before clocking out for the last time. In fact, most of these workers didn’t actually clock out and opted for rather surprising and daring goodbyes. From resignation cakes and “I quit” signs to secret codes in video games and poetic letters, read here to learn how to quit a job with style.

1. Leaving Your Mark

This Brooks individual decided that a plain old resignation letter wouldn’t quite get the message across to management. We wonder if this person hid some kind of camera somewhere on the desk in order to get a kick out of the boss’s reaction.

How to Quit a Job

You have to admit that grand exits are just as fun and important as grand entrances, right? And this is certainly one way to get your point across. But it takes some guts, so kudos to Brooks for the brilliant idea and for leaving the desk in pristine condition.

2. The Programmer’s Way

This computer programmer certainly had the right idea on how to quit a job with style and skill. If you’re going to drop the bomb on your boss, why not make it interesting and fun with a Super Mario video game?

How to Quit a Job

This genius employee created an algorithm code so that every time Mario came into contact with a mushroom, a massive “I QUIT” sing popped up on the screen, along with a “Actually I resigned last week” message at the bottom. If we were this dude’s boss, we’d probably be more impressed than angry.

3. A Topsy-Turvy Exit

The cereal aisle never looked so good! It’s about time someone presented the world to us upside down for that fresh perspective on things. However, the grocery store employee who pulled this stunt probably didn’t have that gesture in mind; rather he just wanted to annoy the boss.

How to Quit a Job

On a serious note, though — we hope the other employees didn’t have to bear the brunt of their fellow worker’s malicious prank. Unless the shift manager was two steps ahead and fired the person only after telling him to reorganize the display.

4. A Tasty Goodbye

We wouldn’t recommend for anyone to just up and quit without at least a two weeks’ notice, but if you are planning on doing that, then at least leave a delicious cake for all the sad colleagues you leave behind like this employee did.

How to Quit a Job

Endings are always bittersweet, and judging by the apple, this teacher wanted to leave a sweet taste in peoples’ mouths upon his or her departure. We bet the kids were happy — cake definitely trumps a boring math class. On the other hand, this isn’t the kind of example a teacher should set for the young.

5. A Prehistoric Farewell

Sometimes the best way to quit a job is to draw a skillful picture of a friendly-looking Tyrannosaurus Rex. We hope all this effort meant that this employee was quitting her job to pursue her more creative side or to become a graphic designer.

How to Quit a Job

We know, it’s never easy writing up a resignation letter given all the formalities, so who said drawing one up isn’t acceptable? After all, it’s better to cut to the chase when quitting a job, and a sweet drawing of dinosaur is the finest way to do so.

6. I’d Like A Frosty and Fries With That

When the boss asks you to take out a ladder and change the sign in front of the store, but you really really don’t want to because you’re fed up with your job, why not take action and do what this audacious Wendy’s employee did?!

How to Quit a Job

No amount of free tasty hamburgers and Frosties were about keep this guy working at the fast food chain, and the only way to express that was in big block letters. We wouldn’t be surprised if this Greg guy banned the former employee for life.

7. Now That’s What You Call Team Spirit

Either one of these employees can’t bear the thought of his coworker leaving the company so they quit together, or the place of employment was just so plain horrible that two peeved workers decided to drop a sweet-tasting bomb on the company at once.

How to Quit a Job

Either way you look at it, these cakes are what you call serious team spirit and they certainly take the cake as far as resignations go. There’s nothing like a double whammy desertion, or should we say “dessert”ion, and this company got it pretty hard this time.

8. Because I’m a Quitter!

We never imagined quitting a job could ever be so exciting until we saw the huge smile on this employee’s illustrated face. We’re seriously loving the drawings these employees came up with — they’re like the cherry on top of these people giving absolutely no fair warning.

How to Quit a Job

Our guess is that the Mexican food just didn’t satisfy Bella’s taste buds, so she decided to admit defeat with a huge smile and call it quits right there and then. Whatever the case may be, you should definitely not try this yourself!

9. Loud and Proud

This is one of those occasions where the employee is so enraged that he has to let the whole world know about it. We don’t know about you, but if we happened upon this sign, we’d certainly get the hint and not apply for this job.

How to Quit a Job

The sad part is that the employee took out the time to spell out the message instead of just shouting “I quit” and walking out. The even sadder part is the walk of shame he probably had to do after taking down all those letters one by one.

10. Holiday Greetings

What’s up with all the resignation cakes? We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: it’s very unsavory of people to just quit on the spot so sweetening up the awkward moment—literally— kind of softens the blow for all those involved.

How to Quit a Job

It looks like this employee quit around the holiday season with that white, red, and green color scheme going on over there. Okay, besides for cake quitters, we’ve gathered lots more hilarious ways employees quit their jobs. So read on if you’re bored at work and you’re looking for ways to make a creative exit!

11. Let’s Drink to That

Who needs cake when you can toast to quitting on a quality bottle of whiskey?! Our friend Niño over here remembered one very small but important thing about resigning from a job: it’s better to leave a job on good terms in case you need that reference in the future.

How to Quit a Job

Indeed, Niño wanted to keep everyone happy in this situation, so he placed his very positive letter of resignation on the bottle of whiskey. This is what you call a win-win situation for everyone — happy boss equals successful resignation! Bottoms up everyone!

12. It’s the Wizard Life for Me

This letter of resignation is seriously hilarious, and you don’t have to be a Harry Potter fan to admit that. Whether one resigns from a job on good or bad terms, it’s safe to assume that bosses and managers prefer reading creative and funny resignation letters instead of the downright typical and boring ones.


This professor made such a convincing argument that we bet his boss was actually more than happy to let him go and pursue his journey in the Wizarding World. Who wouldn’t want a kick-ass boss like Minerva McGonagall? We wish Jared the best of luck in his future endevours.

13. It’s All in the Syllables

Not only did Jonathan Schwartz tweet about his resignation as CEO of Sun Microsystems; he did so in the form of a haiku — now that’s what you call poetic! Who would have thought that someone would use such a beautiful and underrated style of poetry to quit a job?

How to Quit a Job

Schwartz used the strict syllabic poetry form to announce that he quit his job and even provided the reasons as to why he decided to leave. Ah, poetry, always the perfect way to make everything seem so much better, isn’t it?

14. Breaking Up Is Never Easy, But I Have To Go

We’re all sick of hearing the “It’s not you, it’s me” excuse all the time, but for a two weeks’ notice letter it’s just absolutely brilliant. You might be thinking who in their right mind would break up with McDonald’s, but once you read Michael Taylor’s reasons, you’ll totally understand why.

How to Quit a Job

Then again, employees usually just fill out that slip in order to resign, but maybe Taylor wanted to go all out and express his heartfelt gratitude to all those times he could lean on that McDouble cheeseburger for comfort and support.

15. A Subtle Hint

When you’re too scared to quit your job, but you really hate your boss, leave little signs and hints around the store and on the items. That’s a surefire way to get fired, and then you can tell everyone you quit!

How to Quit a Job

This employee has guts and patience! To take out the time to air their grievances on each price tag by leaving customized notes and insults to his boss takes a lot of dedication; it also takes a seriously disgruntled worker to devise such a cunning plan.

16. Going Out Hollywood Style

If you’re going to quit a job, go all out and do it Hollywood-style! This mastermind of an employee wanted to spice things up and make his boss laugh with this hilarious Hollywood film poster. We do prefer Sandra Bullock’s face, but you gotta give it to this guy for being creative.

How to Quit a Job

Wait, does this mean this boss fell madly in love with his employee after he decided to quit — probably not because this isn’t Hollywood — but if you like that plot line then we’ll get with it too. We can only imagine that this guy has a pretty good relationship with his former boss, but most likely not a romantic one.

17. Resignation Never Tasted So Good

It’s one thing for an employee to bake an “I quit” cake for that facetious goodbye, but it’s a completely different ball game when the resignation letter itself is also showing off what the worker will be doing next. Nothing works better than the honest truth.

How to Quit a Job

Did you see what he did there?! Not only did Chris Holmes quit his job using a cake, he also marketed his brand new cake business. That’s seriously cheeky, but he probably got off the hook because it tasted so good.

18. A Poetic Departure

Words don’t come easy to most of us, but there is no reason those talented few shouldn’t flaunt their poetic flair in any given situation. This Dear Scott resignation letter just goes to show how some employees really should quit their day jobs in pursuit of their true talents.

How to Quit a Job

This person was seriously wasting her time in retail, but at least she realized she was a wasted talent before her soul was completely destroyed by all the customers’ demands. Writing poetry might not always pay well, but we hope she looked into it.

19. A Means to an End

Now this person didn’t technically quit his job, but if you think about it he definitely went out with a bang. If there was any inkling of a chance to get his job back, he totally blew it after pulling such a disastrous move.

How to Quit a Job

Whether he got his job back or not doesn’t really interest us, especially because he inconvenienced innocent commuters and possibly neglecting to update them with critical information. The pressing question that remains, however, is how did this crazy worker manage to get the controls after he was fired?!

20. The Sweet Riddle

How brilliant! Not only could this have been a team building exercise for management to place the cupcakes in the right order; it also probably made for the sweetest way to say “Adiós, I’m outta here, but thanks for the time together.”

How to Quit a Job

Who knew that resignation letters could get so creative and funny, not to mention tasty? Well, if you thought the examples on how to quit a job just can’t get any funnier, then continue reading for some more sidesplitting and inventive scenarios.

21. The Nixon Way!

You’d expect a resignation letter from the President of the United States of America to be quite complex and formal given how tough the job is. But no, Richard Nixon had a different idea in mind with his short and sweet letter.

How to Quit a Job

In just 14 words, Nixon managed to step down from his presidential duties. He also managed to give a nationally-televised resignation speech the night before, so the process wasn’t as blunt as the letter makes it seem. Nothing better than short, sweet and to the point.

22. Rule Number 1: Check Before You Press Send!

Something is telling us that this boss accidentally sent an email to the very employee he was talking about. How else would the employee have seen it? We also have a nagging feeling that a serious injustice was committed here. But the employee definately let his boss know how he feels about the situation.

How to Quit a Job

This person sounds like quite the stellar employee: only called in sick twice in four years and filled in for the boss’s girlfriend! We hope her boss felt terrible after reading this letter because he is seriously the world’s worst employer.

23. In Loving Memory

After exactly four years to the date, David Sell decided to part ways with his place of employment, fast food chain Five Guys, and he had a whole lot of fun doing it with his hilarious yet creepy resignation letter. Well, the actual letter was nothing out of the ordinary.

How to Quit a Job

Just in case the company went into a period of mourning after Sell left, he decided to leave them with a “In Loving Memory” placard for the office bulletin board and a beautiful, formal letter. Nobody there will ever forget his lovely face now!

24. Shakespeare in the House

Shakespeare is in the house, people! Oh yes, this is the resignation letter of all resignation letters and quitting never did sound so sweet. It seems like many employees only discover their baking or poetic abilities when they want to quit a job.

How to Quit a Job

It is quite a daunting task have to pen such a letter and to make such a life-changing decision, so we’re all for the way some people get a kick out of it. The “Forever in your debt” is definitely the best part!

25. When You Mess With The Wrong Guy!

The cardinal rule of employment is to pay your employees on time! When this personal driver wasn’t paid his monthly salary on time by his employer, which left him really tight on money, he decided to take matters into his own hands with an equally tight plan.

How to Quit a Job

While we’re interested to know how this turned out, we really want to know how the guy managed to get the car into that space in the first place. What an impressive parking job; it’s no wonder the guy was hired as a personal driver.

26. Keeping It Fresh

This employee was too scared to face her boss after she quit, so she decided to send a thoughtful gift as a token of her appreciation for opportunity she was given. Or was she sending some kind of message?

How to Quit a Job

Perhaps she was afraid to talk to her boss face-to-face because he wasn’t in the habit of brushing his teeth in the morning? Your guess is as good as ours, but we loved the play on words there.

27. An Epic Auto Respond

If you want to tick off your fellow coworkers, then quit your job without telling anyone and attach the message “I am currently out of the office and don’t plan on returning” as the auto response to every email. What a classy way to quit!

How to Quit a Job

We don’t recommend you try this as it can really backfire on you, but we can also sit back and laugh at the person who had the guts to pull off such a rude and shocking move. We bet that this employee wont be getting a positive reference from his ex boss.

28. Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Alex let his employers down nice and easy by presenting them with a condolences card just to let them know how very sorry he felt about their loss, and by that loss, he was obviously referring to none other than himself.

How to Quit a Job

We are’t sure about what kind of relationship Alex enjoyed with the company’s superiors, and whether he was just trying to be funny or not, this is definitely one of the best ways to turn in a two weeks’ notice. Our only wish is that people learned how to spell it right.

29. Thanks for the Explanation

At least this disgruntled employee was kind enough to leave an explanation at the reception desk after being attacked by another employee. He even wished the customers “a swell day”, which is admirable because manners are hard to come by these days. We’d say this is a pretty polite way to quit a job in what seems like a very hostile environment.

How to Quit a Job

This should teach the boss to be a bit kinder and more proactive towards her employees in the future, unless she’s prepared to face the wrath of her staff members. The funny part is that she probably only found out about this the next day after the damage was already done.

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