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After 28 Days In The Wild, This EMT Refused To Give Up On Saving His Missing Therapy Dog

Often times, adopting a pet can save more than the life of the animal. Pets can be healing, comforting, and therapeutic in times that their humans need them most. This man’s therapy dog pulled him out of the deepest depression of his life. Still, he nearly lost her on a camping trip gone wrong. Yet, after 28 days in the wilderness, he didn’t stop searching for his best friend and it led to a miracle reunion.

Experiences As An EMT

Justin Scott had an amazing yet emotional job: he worked as an EMT. Throughout his career, saving lives became his passion. Yet, some experiences on the job rattled him to his core. Justin was called to rescue one of his closest friends, and unfortunately, was unable to save him. Shortly after, Justin fell into a deep depression until a four-legged friend completely altered his world.

Recovering Through Puppy Love

Justin was determined to get out of his depression. He and his wife, Sara, discussed finding Justin an emotional support animal. As they wandered through the shelter, a pointy-eared pup caught the couples’ attention. Justin immediately fell in love with the fluffball, Shelby. From the moment he adopted her, Shelby brought Justin constant joy and comfort. However, a camping trip gone wrong nearly separated the duo forever.

A Catastrophic Camping Trip

To celebrate the Fourth of July, Justin, his wife, and his two sons went on a camping trip in the Sierra Mountains. The journey should have been a serene time for the family. However, a noise in the forest spooked Shelby and she bolted away. The family searched tirelessly to find Shelby. The perilous conditions of the forest tried to crush their hopes of finding her. Yet, even after hours turned to days, Justin wouldn’t give up on finding his best friend.

Searching For Shelby

After 13 days of searching, Justin reached out to A Way Home For Animals. It was a non-profit dedicated to finding lost dogs. Babs Fry, the organization’s founder, was eager to help. She met the family near the community where Shelby went missing to search for the lost pup. After putting up posters, speaking with locals, and scouring the woods, they made a breakthrough: Shelby was on camera at the campsite!

An Emotional Reunion

Fry decided to set up humane traps near the campsite to lure Shelby in. Luckily, after days of waiting, Shelby wandered into one of Fry’s cages. After 28 days of searching, Shelby was finally reunited with Justin. He and his family were both relieved and grateful. After all, Shelby saved Justin’s life and he made sure not to give up on her!

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved